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Friday, September 20, 2019
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Real Estate

Let Me School You About Home Buyers With Young Children

Buying a home at any stage in life can be stressful, particularly for families with younger children. Affordability, location and safety remain paramount in their search for the ideal home but the quality of nearby schools is a top consideration...

Coral GablesReal Estate

The Miami Millisecond

The ubiquitous catch phrase “A New York Minute” has a cousin in South Florida real estate and it is “The Miami Millisecond.” That’s how quickly it feels homebuyers size up a home for sale in our neck of the woods....

Coral Gables

Building Relationships

In the world of Miguel Salvat, agent and principal of YES Real Estate Services, family business takes on many meanings. Raised in a family business of his own (his father owned a bookstore and publishing house famed for its association...

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