Sunday, June 16, 2019

South Miami

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Cisca Construction – Full Service

Frank Balleste is out to change the game–and the reputation–of Miami construction. Frank Balleste is used to demanding clients. In fact, the Cisca Construction CEO welcomes the scrutiny. Take, for example, a recent prospect. “They have emailed me, they’ve texted...

Pet HealthSouth Miami

Pet Food Facts and Myths

If you go to any pet store or even to the local supermarket, you will see that there is an extensive selection of commercial diets available now. Pet owners spent $30 billion in pet food in 2018. Many companies want...

South Miami

Meet The Man Behind ResultsMD

As he sits lotus style at his desk, Dr. Jose Soler-Baillo tells of spending his first eight years living in communist Cuba. The wallpaper of diplomas behind him tells that his life after Cuba was not wasted. A veritable who’s...

South Miami

Top Quality Care

South Miami Women’s Health is delighted to welcome three new members to our family of caring, dedicated providers. Dr. Melissa Acevedo was born and raised in Miami, graduated magna cum laude in biology from Florida International University, and received her...

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