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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Travel News

Travel News

A Down Home Fourth of July in Dahlonega, GA

One of the things that I love about being a travel editor is that I can bring out of the box places to my readers. There is a difference between a vacation and an experience, and Dahlonega, GA on the...

Travel News

K’Alma Spas Launches at The Gates Hotel South Beach

The Gates Hotel South Beach announces a new partnership with K’Alma Spas to offer an on-property wellness journey and relaxation experience to hotel guests and locals alike. K’Alma will provide a luxurious menu of Miami-inspired treatments including massage, body treatments, manicures and pedicures...

Travel News

Only in Aiken

There is a little known town in South Carolina called Aiken… unless of course you are a horse person and than you know Aiken all too well. Aiken is home to all things equestrian. It hosts steeplechase races, polo matches...

Photo Courtesy of Magic Castle.Ed Alonzo (Copyright Taylor Wong)
Travel News

6 Savvy Summer Travel Solutions

I get so much joy in helping fellow travel-lovers solve annoying problems and otherwise make their travels easier and more enjoyable. Toward this end, I’m indelibly on the lookout for noteworthy innovations that can resolve common annoyances and foster fun...

Travel News

Have a Memorable Summer

Summer is officially here! The other day I was in the checkout line at Publix and the woman in front of me was bemoaning the planning of “the” summer vacation. She was stymied as to what to do with her...

Travel News

4th Annual Staycation Guide

Hawks Cay Reopened as a re-imagined, complete getaway last fall following a $50 million renovation, Hawks Cay offers fishing charters, tennis, water sports, water cruises, duck dives and even an environmental excursion camp for kids. Their selection of rooms, suites...

Travel News

Go On a Spiritual Journey

People are searching for a deeper meaning of life and want to be more mindful and introspective, but how does one do that? Well, they can read articles online, buy books, watch YouTube videos or immerse themselves in a retreat....

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