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Barton G. Miami Beach a Bodacious Night Out

When one thinks of Miami, visions of sun-kissed surf, blue skies and warm sand indelibly (and rightfully) come to mind. Glorious year-round weather and top-ranked seashores aside, this cosmopolitan metropolis is also revered for its progressive culinary scene replete with...

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Traveling Solo Post Divorce

Unfortunately, COVID has had some devastating effects and divorce is one of them. With people seeking a split after being quarantined and embarking on a solo journey, I thought it might be a good idea to address traveling sans companion....

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Try Something New, Go RVing

I am dedicating this article to my daughter, Emily, because if not for her suggestion to write about RVing, I probably would have continued to relegate my travel to the wide, blue skies instead of the open road. Leave it...

Travel News

Heading Home For The Holidays

Being home for the holidays is so important to us, now more than ever as many of us have been separated from family and friends for a very long time due to COVID. Traveling during the holidays is always stressful,...

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The Outer Banks

Sanderling Resort I am a firm believer everyone should have a bucket list, but just because you tic an item off, especially if it is travel related, doesn’t mean you can’t revisit it. This was the way with Sanderling Resort...

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The No Traveling Blues

Summer is half way over and still you haven’t traveled and you are feeling the No Traveling Blues. I get it, trust me. I am used to being somewhere new once a month and this is getting old fast. Here’s...

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Travel in the Age of Social Distancing

Seeking Solitude in the Scottish Highlands Coming up with travel ideas in the post-Corona age of social distancing can be challenging. Sightseeing in Paris? Scratch that off the list. Staying six feet apart in Times Square? Good luck! But there...

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