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Travel News

Breaking Free in Florida

I’m sure all you fellow travelers are going bat crazy not being able to travel. Wanderlust is tugging at you day and night. You have had to work from home, finances are tight, the kids are screaming and so are...

Palmetto BayPinecrestReal Estate

This Too Shall Pass

PINECREST & PALMETTO BAY WILL BE STRONGER THAN EVER After weeks of sheltering in place, our homes and communities have become so much more than they ever were before. From sanctuaries to protect our families to indoor/outdoor spaces that entertain...

COVID-19Health & Wellness

Immune Boosting Soup

As we think of Covid-19, what all mainstream medical experts are expressing is the importance of supplementation and health building factors which help with preventing it or managing through it. Soup To Bones is a company we recently stumbled upon...

COVID-19Health & Wellness

Hope Hails from Home

Let’s fast forward from social distancing. Day 1 back to work, meeting, class, optometrist, coffee shop, life. Bag is packed. Clothes are neatly pressed. Hair is still slightly overgrown because a visit to the salon ranked lower on the priority...

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