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How Veterinarians Can Serve their Community
Health & Wellness

How Veterinarians Can Serve their Community

As a veterinarian, you serve the community daily—you make yourself available for appointments and diligently care for families’ beloved pets and farm animals. Beyond the workday, there are other ways veterinarians can serve their community and leave a lasting impression...

Ask the Expert

Traditional Medicine and Diseases of Despair

During the past decade, the rates of drug overdose, suicide and alcoholism-related diseases have increased exponentially. These three classes of illnesses are collectively called “diseases of despair,” and in 2018 they accounted for over 150,000 deaths in the United States....

Dental Health

DIY Orthodontics — Don’t Do It!

As an orthodontist, I will always be an advocate for beautiful teeth. After all, an attractive smile is a person’s most appealing feature. However, achieving that perfect smile should never be attempted at the expense of one’s oral health. Why...

Travel News

Snow vs. Sand: Which Will You Choose?

Decisions, decisions! Can’t decide whether you want a snowy or sandy vacation this year? Maybe these suggestions will help you decide. With travel opening back up, many destinations along with airlines are offering some great deals. Of course, a COVID...

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