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Monday, October 14, 2019
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Pet Health

Pet Health

How Safe are Your Dog’s Collars and Leashes?

You’ve finally adopted a new pet! With the excitement of having a brand new family member we run to the pet or internet store to buy only the best accessories that the market has to offer. Many times we rely...

Pet Health

The Most Dangerous Conditions in August

The most dangerous month of the year for pets in South Florida is August. As temperatures and humidity rise, our pets are especially prone to life-threatening heat and sun-induced conditions. The good news is that these conditions are preventable. Here...

Pet Health

My Dog Has Knee Problems: Now What?

So, your dog is limping from one of the back legs. You may have noticed limping on and off for a few months. Or perhaps, you have observed a sudden lameness, just for a couple of days. Your veterinarian diagnosed...

Pet Health

Allergic To Your Pet?

If even the idea of playing with your dog or cat gives you a bad case of the sniffles, then you are not alone. You are among the 15-20 percent of pet owners who are allergic to their pets. Now,...

Pet HealthSouth Miami

Pet Food Facts and Myths

If you go to any pet store or even to the local supermarket, you will see that there is an extensive selection of commercial diets available now. Pet owners spent $30 billion in pet food in 2018. Many companies want...

Pet Health

Medical CBD For Pets: The Update

For the past few years there has been much discussion about the medical use of CBD for animals. However, the information available so far was mostly testimonial, inaccurate, and without much scientific bases. Veterinarians were banned from prescribing or even...

Pet Health

The Humanization of Pets

The holidays are coming up and it is likely that your pet is on your gift list. Common holiday gifts for pets range from special treats and toys to fancy beds and designer collars. We include them in our celebrations...

Pet Health

Thanksgiving Foods That are Safe for Pets

Our pets are important members of our families. We share with them our favorite couch, our beds, our snacks and, many times, even our vacation trips. It is only natural then to want to share with them our holiday celebrations...

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