Friday, February 15, 2019

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State of the Art Management of Arthritis in Pets

So your dear canine family member is getting older. The walks are shorter and more difficult, going up and down stairs is harder, getting up is difficult, and climbing on furniture is a rarity. You know for sure that he...

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The Humanization of Pets

The holidays are coming up and it is likely that your pet is on your gift list. Common holiday gifts for pets range from special treats and toys to fancy beds and designer collars. We include them in our celebrations...

Pet Health

Thanksgiving Foods That are Safe for Pets

Our pets are important members of our families. We share with them our favorite couch, our beds, our snacks and, many times, even our vacation trips. It is only natural then to want to share with them our holiday celebrations...

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The Terrible Tick Invasion!

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that there has been an explosion of ticks attacking our pets recently. This is due to several factors: global warming is making it easier for ticks to reproduce and ticks...

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Leptospirosis in Miami?

Recently there has been great concern about the increase in leptospirosis infections reported in urban areas nationwide. It’s difficult to escape the news on TV, newspaper, and social media. And yes, dogs infected with leptospirosis are common in affluent and...

Pet HealthSouth Miami

Zombie Pets?

When a zombie bites another living being, its victim’s destiny is doomed. The victim loses complete control over its own body, becomes aggressive, drools, walks in an awkward manner, and finally dies. The folklore has it that zombies multiply faster...

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My Pet Is Not Fat!

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions not only among humans but also among our pets. While it is true that an increasingly sedentary life and an increased availability of calorie-rich pet diets are important factors contributing to obesity in dogs and...

Pet Health

The Truth About Vaccines for Pets

It is well known that trends seen in human medicine are also seen in animal medicine. The human movements towards green medicine, for example, rapidly influenced the veterinary world, leading to the introduction of more natural products, from nutritional supplements...

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