Saturday, July 20, 2019



Second Annual Forward Motion Physically Integrated Dance Festival & Conference

What makes a body beautiful? What makes a dancer’s movement’s graceful and artistically meaningful? Contrary to the responses most of us might venture, the dance companies and individuals participating in the second annual Forward Motion Physically Integrated Dance Festival & Conference, taking...


A New Home For A Miami Dance Legend

Her name may be synonymous with dance education in Miami, but Maria Verdeja still had one last vision to fulfill when it came to her 31-year-old namesake studio. Last month that vision came to life with the opening of Verdeja’s...


The Basics of Going Up On Pointe

For as long as I have been teaching ballet I have always had students and parents ask me when they/their child will be ready for pointe shoes. There is no magic age at which children are put on pointe. It...