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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
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Business SpotlightCutler Bay

Hot Topic: The Basics of Solar Energy

From financial options to homeowner benefits, we spoke with solar expert and owner of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, Raul Vergara about the ins and outs of making the solar switch. Raul Vergara and his family. Solar energy gets a lot...

In Our Schools

Back to School // Book Smart

With the beginning of school just around the corner, it’s so-long to lazy summer days and back to hitting the books. So, in the spirit of back-to-school, we turned to Miami native Lauren Bercuson Davis, the brains and words behind...

Business SpotlightPinecrest

All Smiles

When Dr. Maria F. Gonzalez set out to create a true family dental practice in Pinecrest, she had a clear idea of the type of office she wanted to bring to the community and the perfect place to reach for...

The Philanthropist

Strength in Numbers

Background The child of Cuban immigrants, Akar says she saw firsthand how grateful her family was for the support of family, friends and community when they arrived in the United States. “They taught my brothers and me to always help...

The Philanthropist

The Equine Connection

“My time at Good Hope is filled with memorable moments of riders being able to accomplish something they did not think was possible. The connection between horses and people is strong and healing.” Background Brigham’s dedication to serving her community...

The Philanthropist

Girl Power: Patricia Cruz

Background A mother of four (three daughters and one son), Cruz moved to Miami at age eight and spent her youth participating in various community service activities (including dressing up as Santa during a holiday party at a migrant camp)....

The Philanthropist

Julio C. Barrionuevo

Background Like many others who have placed great emphasis on community service, Julio Barrionuevo was inspired by the resilience of his own family, citing his mother as his greatest source of motivation. Though she lost her husband when Barrionuevo was...

In Our SchoolsIn the Community

The New Classroom

As the school year winds down we’re looking at the ways students and teachers are changing the face of classroom learning. Finding The Calm Bill Meyer is helping teachers everywhere bring meditation into the classroom. Bill Meyer Though always a...

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