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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Debbie Martinez

Debbie Martinez
30 posts
Debbie Martinez is a Miami Dade resident and Travel Editor for The Florida Villager. She can be reached at debbiemartinez1@mac.com..
Travel News

A Down Home Fourth of July in Dahlonega, GA

One of the things that I love about being a travel editor is that I can bring out of the box places to my readers. There is a difference between a vacation and an experience, and Dahlonega, GA on the...


Are You Chasing Your Past?

You have been divorced for about a year and you notice, or maybe you don’t, but your friends do, that conversations drift to happy hours you had when you were married, vacations you took, how much you loved your marital...

Travel News

Only in Aiken

There is a little known town in South Carolina called Aiken… unless of course you are a horse person and than you know Aiken all too well. Aiken is home to all things equestrian. It hosts steeplechase races, polo matches...

Travel News

Have a Memorable Summer

Summer is officially here! The other day I was in the checkout line at Publix and the woman in front of me was bemoaning the planning of “the” summer vacation. She was stymied as to what to do with her...


It’s Summer, Now What?

Every year around this time I see my clients stressed out and sad because summer is here and that means having to experience time away from their kids while they are on vacation with the other parent. I get it,...


Cease Dating and Break Free

Once upon a time there was a woman who believed that love could conquer all. Then one day, her husband left her for another and the man who then entered her life claiming to be her knight in shining armor...


12 Tips to Get Through a Divorce

Divorce is difficult, stressful, exhausting and at times, downright ugly. Here are 12 great things to keep in mind as you travel down this path. Spiritual practice - Implement a spiritual practice like yoga, meditation, vision board creation or a...

Travel News

Go On a Spiritual Journey

People are searching for a deeper meaning of life and want to be more mindful and introspective, but how does one do that? Well, they can read articles online, buy books, watch YouTube videos or immerse themselves in a retreat....


What is Really Important?

Using the word “overwhelmed” during a divorce is a daily occurrence. There is so much going on and so many people demanding things of you. Unfortunately, I had a list for every minute of my life; I was inundated with...

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