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The Faces of Miami Health & Wellness: Ted Herrmann, D.M.D.

Assure a Smile

Area of expertise: Holistic Dentistry

Numbers of years practicing: 34 years


  • Holistic Denistry
  • Zirconia Dental Implants
  • Mercury Removal
  • Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Cosmetic Services
  • Perio Protect®

What makes you stand out in your field?

Assure a Smile is a holistic dentistry practice whose mission is to ensure healthy teeth and gums for life!

Tips you would give a new patient or client:

I suggest patients try holistic dental care. Holistic health care is a system of health care that involves analyzing the body as a whole and not just piece by piece. Teeth Whitening and Ceramic Dental Implants are also great options for patients to improve the overall appearance of their smile.

Why do patients return to you again and again?

Our patients keep coming back because they feel I am extremely compassionate, listen well and am comprehensive in my approach. I am a holistic dentist in every way; I check not only your teeth but other factors that can affect teeth health like diet and stress. Overall, they see me as a doctor with a good heart because I genuinely care about all the people I treat.


Office Location
9220 SW 72nd Street, Suite 205
Miami, FL 33173

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