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World Famous House Of Mac Making Big Moves Despite Pandemic

Those who visit Miami often have a long to-do list, including shopping, tanning by the beach, and, of course, stopping by all of the unique restaurants located across the southern tip of the sunshine state. For the mac and cheese lovers of the world, Miami bolsters a not-so-hidden gem: Chef Teach’s World Famous House of Mac.

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Derrick Turton, also known as Chef Teach, started his career in the culinary industry, but decided against exploring it further for the time after disliking his experience in a commercial restaurant. His Trinidadian background gave him a taste of the Caribbean soul food he now offers at his restaurant and exposed him to the dishes he would customize and make his own.

After leaving (or so he thought) the culinary industry, Turton worked his way up from a club promotor to the music manager for Miami’s own Pitbull for over a decade. During this time, he explored his love for mac and cheese and his ability to create unique dishes that his friends always enjoyed. 

His history in the music industry led him to create some star-studded friendships, including one with rapper Bun B, who encouraged Turton to capitalize on his abilities and start up work  again in the food industry. After his father’s death in 2013, Turton realized his dream and opened up a food truck that had only four employees at the time. World Famous House of Mac’s iconic logo is a spitting image of his father, Keith Turton, and Turton posts in honor of his father on father’s day.

Now, Turton’s restaurant is one of the most popular in the Miami area, and his upwards of 75 thousand followers on Instagram and large celebrity clientele reflects that. World Famous House of Mac consistently hosts some of the most recognizable faces in the United States, including (but not limited to) Serena and Venus Williams, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Anthony Hamilton, Gabrielle Union, Pitbull and Dwayne Wade, who’s contributions to the Miami Heat led to the acknowledgement of Miami-Dade County as “Wade County,” instead. 

World Famous House of Mac is one of the most recognizable and trusted catering choices for rappers and other celebrities in the Miami area. Turton’s impact is so large in the Miami community that North Miami’s Mayor, Philippe Bien-Aime, proclaimed Jan. 18 Derrick “Chef Teach” Turton Day.

Image: Nicole Markus

During the pandemic, restaurants faced difficult times due to lack of dine-in customers and a struggle to pay their staff. Instead of closing their door to the community, World Famous House of Mac rose up to spread love to the healthcare workers giving up so much to protect the Miami area. The restaurant donated food to hospitals struggling with the influx of COVID-19 patients. They also kept offering takeout and delivery throughout.

World Famous House of Mac also made several contributions to organizations fighting for change amid the Black Lives Matter movement— the restaurant is Black owned and the staff recognizes the importance of fighting for social change.

The restaurant’s name suggests a menu consisting solely of mac and cheese, but this is not the case. Along with upwards of ten unique variations of the famous dish such as the Five Cheese Truffle Mac and Cheese, the Philly Cheesesteak Mac and Cheese, and the Pizza Mac and Cheese, World Famous House of Mac offers thin crust pizzas, burgers, and more.

The Mac and Cheese restaurant boasts two locations in Miami, but for those who cannot make the trip down due to the pandemic, they now also offer shipping across the United States so everyone can enjoy the several variations of the comfort dish that so many love. 

Though World Famous House of Mac started as a local food truck, its impact has grown immensely since its inception in 2014. Turton and his work have been featured on national news broadcasts and publications such as Forbes, Billboard, Fox, USA Today, Good Morning America, and more. The Mac and Cheese mogul Chef Teach will continue to spread his celebrated dishes throughout the Miami community and beyond for years to come: www.gethouseofmac.com

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