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Ways To Cut Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

Ways To Cut Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

Sheet metal fabrication is great for when manufacturers need to create durable parts for industrial and high-impact applications. However, certain factors can drive up the costs of the process and put a strain on a budget. To learn about a few effective ways to cut sheet metal fabrication costs and keep your project within your budget, continue reading.

Simplify the Design

Unlike other part production processes such as reaction injection molding, sheet metal fabrication is not well suited to producing complex, intricate parts. To create parts with a more sophisticated design, you’ll need to implement secondary processes. These processes increase the amount of time it takes to produce a sheet metal product and also greatly hike up the price. If you’re looking for ways to cut sheet metal fabrication costs, sticking to a simpler product design can help you achieve your goal.

Choose Materials Wisely

One of the many benefits of the sheet metal fabrication process is the wide range of material options that you can choose from, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. When creating a part, make sure to use this variety of choices to your advantage. If you’re looking to keep costs low, you may not want to opt for high-cost stainless steel—especially if your application does not require such a high-quality material. Instead, consider using low-cost aluminum to create your part. Opting for a cheaper material is especially beneficial if you’re prototyping and don’t need to meet the high-quality standards of a final product.

Be Mindful of Your Part’s Bend Radius

The bend radius for your sheet metal parts can have a big impact on their overall cost. To save money, try to consider a manufacturer’s standard tooling when designing your part’s geometry. Since most shops will already have tools designed for certain specifications, they won’t have to spend extra money on a specialized toolset to achieve the necessary bend radius. As a result, you can minimize the overall production cost of your parts.

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Last modified: February 26, 2021