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Southern Winter Clothing Trends

Winter months are great for dressing warmly and chicly. As the weather gets colder, use this season to show off a new wardrobe. Men and women alike should incorporate some of these Southern winter clothing trends into their closets and show them off this holiday season.

Sturdy Boots

Colder weather means slush and muck, so you’ll want to invest in a nice pair of boots to tread around in. Still, nothing says you can’t keep it stylish. The trends this season are cowboy and Western boots, moccasin-style boots, hiking boots, and Dr. Martens. Winter is the season for plaid, dark, and solid colors, so any of these options will go great with any clothing combination.

Different Types of Coats and Jackets

Staying warm comes in many different shapes and styles. There are many types of coats for any winter activity you have planned. If you’re looking for a stylish all-purpose coat, then it’s best to go with a topcoat. If you’re going for a rugged workman look, then a barn coat is your best choice. Both options provide protection from harsh winds and low temperatures. If you’re feeling minimalist, go for a nice denim jacket on those cool, crisp days.

Western Wear

Believe it or not, Western wear is making a comeback! It’s the perfect style for the southern seasons. Western-style hats, belts, and boots are all fashionable trends for the colder weather. Complete your look with flared jeans and a plaid shirt for a full Southern style. You might also find a lot of these western wear online on sites like búl melbourne or elsewhere.

Shoes That Speak for Themselves

Aside from your winter boots, make sure to complete any outfit with some fashionable shoes. Birkenstocks are great to wear on cool, damp days. They’re low to the ground, so they offer stability and comfort around the house. You can also try some square-toed flats if you’re going to a party or a get-together. You might even decide to buy some from a website like petersheppard.com so that you can choose from a range of moccasin shoes. There are so many options and styles so spend some time finding a pair that you love wearing!

Don’t Forget Accessories!

Winter accessories are a must-have wherever you are. The best thing about Southern living is that you can adjust accordingly to the weather. Whether it’s snowy, cold, rainy, or sunny, the right winter accessories will keep you warm. Hats, gloves, and scarves are all great accessories that add flair to your winter wardrobe.

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