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Best Vacation Destinations for Disabled People

If you need to get away, think about making travel plans for the holidays or the new year. It doesn’t matter when you plan it, it’s just nice to take a few days to relax and unwind. Fortunately, you can find plenty of wheelchair locations both in the states and around the world so that all your loved ones can experience a relaxing time. If you do choose international travel, don’t forget to bring your disabled parking badge to the airport. Parking is stressful enough for non-disabled drivers, so make it easier on yourself and bring your badge with you!

Check out some of the best vacation destinations for disabled people—there’s something for everyone!

Denver, Colorado

Not just a gorgeous city high in the sky, Denver is also wonderfully wheelchair friendly. With a completely accessible mainline metro transportation system, you don’t even have to worry about bringing your own car and placard. It recently expanded its bus and rail options, so you can travel around easily and take in all the wonderful activities the city has to offer.

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife makes island travel for disabled individuals easier than ever. You can sunbath on the beach just a couple miles away from Mount Teide. You’ll get stunning views and wheelchair accessibility! The city itself has promenade-style walkways, open space gardens, and accessible museums. If you have any worries about getting around the city, their public transportation system was the first in Spain to obtain Universal Accessibility.

Miami Beach, Florida

It’s hard to pick just one spot in our home state, but Miami Beach definitely sits at the top for wheelchair accessible vacation spots. If you want a beachy locale, then the beaches here are just for you—they’re highly accessible with ramps, Mobi-Mats, and beach wheelchairs. Come see what everyone loves so much about Miami Beach!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Still a largely undiscovered tourist destination, the capital of Slovenia is probably one of the most wheelchair accessible cities in Europe. Cars can’t go into the city center, which means plenty of space for wheelchair users, pedestrians, and cyclists. The city also has ramps everywhere and accessible transportation. Better yet, if you get tired of the city, you can drive out to the Julian Alps for breathtaking mountain views.

Sonoma Valley, California

If you want a truly relaxing vacation, then the enchanting Sonoma Valley provides a great spot for you. This area boasts spectacular mountain vistas, sunny valley vineyards, and plenty of romantic places to explore. You can visit the historic plaza and accessible shops, wineries, and restaurants. They’re taking steps to enhance their accessibility, so you should definitely put it on your bucket list.

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