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Val Byrne

EWM Realty International

How long have you been in Miami real estate?

I began selling real estate in 1993. My husband and mother-in-law had a boutique luxury real estate company named Byrne Rinehart & Company.

What’s the biggest change you have seen over the years in the real estate business?

Undoubtedly the internet! The accessibility of real estate-related information to buyers, sellers, and realtors has been a game changer.

What’s your best advice to buyers and best advice to sellers?

Team up with a professional and are able to communicate with, and make sure, and make sure they know the Miami market! (Not to be confused with Zillow or Trulia.)

What three things are most important in being a successful agent?

I think you will find that successful realtors are master listeners, market- and marketing-savvy, and very, very tenacious.

How has social media changed the way you market properties?

It is so awesome to be able to circulate pictures and info in a nanosecond and see it spread exponentially, but I wouldn’t say it has changed my course or changed the way I market properties. I think of social media as another channel. It is an instrument I can use to get my property out to as many prospects as possible.

What do you see as the up-and-coming neighborhoods for 2019?

Everywhere that sees reduced commuting time! Our traffic is insane.

What are buyers looking for today that they weren’t in past years?

Most of the buyers I’m working with today want turnkey and will pay the highest price for it. In years past buyers were fine with fixing this and that, but today they don’t have the time or the interest. Especially the millennials!

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