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A New Approach to Wellness

Zativa Life Health and Wellness opens up shop in South Miami

Is there any better advertisement for a fledgling business than seeing the benefits of its offerings up close and personal? Building off of that theory, Zativa Life Health and Wellness Co-Founder Arturo Rodriguez will be the first to tout the center’s ability to change lives.

In fact, the South Miami-based wellness center was borne of Rodriguez’s passion for what’s new—and proven—in the health space. “I first came on board because I was interested in the benefits of CBD (or Cannabidiol),” says Rodriguez. “From there it just evolved.” And evolved. And evolved. Today, Zativa Life (which opens its doors officially this month) has expanded it’s in-house wellness line to become a full-scale wellness center, offering visitors everything from IV therapy (see sidebar) and vitamin “Booster Shots” (think B12 or Vitamin C) to more involved treatments such as ozone therapy and hormone replacement.

IVs for All
Once a trend for the uber-wealthy and celebrity clientele, IV therapy has gone mainstream in the past few years thanks to its instant results and simple concept. At Zativa Life Health and Wellness, Co-Founder Arturo Rodriguez and his team are offering up solutions for everything from hangovers and weight loss to vitamin supplements vegans. Complemented by pairing with a “booster,” Rodriguez is quick to praise the immediate uplift clients feel after a treatment. “I don’t want to be known as a center who wants your money,” he says. “Everything we do here really, truly works.” Curious? Here’s a taste of what’s on the IV menu (prices start at $140):

(40 minutes)
Covering clients from all angles, the bag includes the immunity IV and added B vitamins, higher dose of vitamin C, BCAA blend for recovery and cellular regeneration, Carnitine for fat loss as well as Arginine for vasodilation and promoting blood flow. Great for anti-aging, athletes recovering from strenuous activity, autoimmune disorders such as Lyme disease and chronic fatigue.

(90 minutes)
Phosphatidylcholine is the ultimate total body restore. It improves cognitive function and memory as well as detoxifies, promotes intestinal and skin health, balances hormones, improves mood, prevents cardiovascular disease and repairs cell membranes.

(40 minutes)
All of the benefits found in the Myers Drip but with 5 times the vitamin C and extra B vitamins. This will aid in preventing sickness as well as fighting a common cold if it should find you.

Building on Rodriguez’s experience (he previously owned medical centers), the space is overseen by a Medical Director and staffs two RNs and a nurse practitioner, who implement all services, including placing IVs and administering boosters. “Everything we do here really works,” says Rodriguez. “When you do an IV bag, you feel it instantly and you want to do another. Your body is absorbing vitamins right away.”

One of the more long-term programs Zativa offers centers around hormone replacement therapies. Clients first have blood drawn and sent to a lab before results are reviewed and interpreted by Zativa’s medical director. From there, clients are placed on a three-month plan aimed at correcting the imbalance and resulting in higher energy levels, better sleep quality, a reduction in anxiety and a lessening of arthritis, joint and muscle pain according to Rodriguez, who has himself taken part in the program. “I feel better, I feel healthier,” he says.

Another exciting offering comes in the form of ozone therapy. By adding ozone to the client’s own blood it becomes more oxygenated and can result in a strengthened immune system and better circulation and brain function as well as detoxification of the lungs, heart and kidneys. “We draw 200 ccs of blood and we put oxygen back into the system. The cells are rejuvenated,” he says.

Rodriguez has spent the past year and a half building out the entirely new space and formulating a menu as well as partnerships with products and services he believes are beneficial for clients. One, Image Skincare, will offer high-end anti-aging products only available within doctors’ offices, while Zativa’s own CBD line (Cannabidiol is widely praised for it’s anti-inflammatory properties) will also be available via teas, gummies and oils. The center will also offer services like Botox and fillers. “Anyone who is in pain, who might have an imbalance or who wants to feel like their best self… we can help them,” says Rodriguez. “We can give your cells life again.”

Zativa Life: Health & Wellness is located at 6104 S Dixie Hwy in South Miami. Please call 305-665-4646 or visit zativalife.com for more information.

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