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SkinLocal Dermatology: The Finest in Skin Care

SkinLocal now offers an expanded array of top-tier skin care treatments through SkinLocal Dermatology, ensuring an even higher standard of care and quality for their valued clients.

Since opening their first SkinLocal clinic in Pinecrest, co-owners Gina McLean, PA-C, and Jennifer Martinez, PA-C, have seen continuous growth as SkinLocal has expanded its business and reputation. They recently added a second clinic in the Dadeland area, as well as more physician assistants, aestheticians, nurses and other medical professionals to assist with their treatments.

Introducing SkinLocal Dermatology

Now SkinLocal is taking another major step forward with the addition of Jessica Cervantes, M.D., to the SkinLocal team. “Dr. Cervantes has partnered with SkinLocal to launch SkinLocal Dermatology, a new division of medical and cosmetic dermatology,” says Julia Campos, chief brand officer for SkinLocal. “She is a board-certified dermatologist who completed her dermatology residency at Harvard and medical school training at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.”

Dr. Cervantes brings impeccable credentials and a personal passion for dermatology to SkinLocal, making her the ideal person to introduce SkinLocal dermatology to the world. As an immigrant from Cuba, her childhood experiences with cystic acne and alopecia areata drove her passion for helping others with similar problems. This ultimately led her to the University of Miami, where she received her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree in 2019. After receiving her degree, she then completed a residency at Holy Cross Hospital, where she earned the Resident of the Year award. She also completed a dermatology residency at the prestigious Harvard Combined Dermatology program.

What this means for SkinLocal is that they will remain your destination for cutting-edge, high-quality skin care treatments such as Hydrafacials®, chemical peels, microneedling and many more. In addition, you can now rely on SkinLocal for all your dermatological needs. “As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Cervantes is trained to accurately diagnose and properly treat more than 3,000 diseases of the skin, hair and nails, as well as cosmetic concerns,” says Campos. “Dermatologists are expert medical doctors and skin surgeons with the unique skills and experiences to offer the best care. They understand the interaction between the skin and the rest of the body. What seems like a simple rash might be a sign of an underlying disease.”

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Cervantes will bring her dermatological practice to both SkinLocal locations, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best dermatological care at the location that is most convenient for you.

Whatever you and your family’s skin care needs may be, SkinLocal has you covered. “Now you can bring all of your family members to the clinic for a variety of services,” says Campos. “Whether it is their annual skin check, an acne visit for your teen, your quarterly Botox® injections or our holistic Reiki experiences, SkinLocal remains your local spot for all things skin and wellness.”

Seasonal Treatments

In addition to dermatological care, SkinLocal presents a range of seasonal treatments tailor-made for the transition from winter to the refreshing embrace of spring. These offerings include:

Annual skin checks: Scheduling an annual skin check is crucial as we approach the warmer months. This ensures that any potential skin issues are identified early, and patients can take preventive measures to stay safe in the summer sun. Regular skin checks are vital for detecting abnormalities or changes in moles and other skin conditions.

Hydrating facials: Winter can leave the skin dry and dehydrated. Offering facials that focus on hydration becomes essential to replenish moisture levels. These facials may include nourishing masks, hydrating serums and techniques aimed at restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Renewal treatments: As winter comes to an end, renewal treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion become beneficial. These treatments help slough off dead skin cells, promoting skin renewal and a fresher complexion. This is especially important after the colder months, when the skin may have experienced dryness and dullness.

Lighter moisturizers: As the weather warms up, individuals may prefer lighter moisturizers that provide hydration without feeling heavy on the skin. Peek into their boutique for an updated spring skin care routine.

Upcoming SkinLocal Event

If you’re curious about SkinLocal and all their skin care and dermatological offerings, they’re hosting a happy hour at their Pinecrest Clinic on February 26 from 5 to 7 p.m. Stop by for some bubbly, promotions, giveaways and to learn more about all the treatments and services offered by SkinLocal.

SkinLocal has two area locations: 9410 SW 77 Ave. and 13615 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 116. Their new dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Cervantes, will be taking appointments for SkinLocal Dermatology at both locations. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 786.708.9138 or visit their website at theskinlocal.com.

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