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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Tami Maier

Tami Maier
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Tami Maier, MS in Counseling Psychology, with current focus and certification on Aromatherapy for pets. A native of Miami, Florida, she is the owner and operator of PAWSitive Pet Sitting, a dog boarding, doggy daycare, dog walking and pet sitting business for 8 years. Tami strives to provide care for the whole dog through love, companionship, nutrition and exercise.
Healthy Pet

Should We Add Fresh, Organic Human Food to our Dog’s Diet?

Today, 96 percent of dog owners around the globe are feeding dry commercial dog foods. Of those 96 percent, there is a large majority that believes dried commercial dog food is really all their dog needs and would never stop...

Healthy Pet

Homemade Healthy Dog Licking Toothpaste

Oral health is of vital importance for our dogs. Dental disease can cause secondary infections in the blood, a weakened immune system, susceptibility to disease and illness as well as tooth decay and loss. Human toothpaste is dangerous for dogs...

Healthy Pet

Hot Weather and Heatstrokes for Dogs

As we approach the warmer months in Miami remember hot weather can cause heat stroke and even death if you do not use common sense. An animal going into heat stroke may collapse or appear very depressed. It may be...