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3 Practical Golf Cart Modifications for Seniors

Many Florida seniors rely on golf carts as their main transportation method around town. Here are three practical golf cart modifications for seniors.

3 Practical Golf Cart Modifications for Seniors

Many seniors in small communities rely on alternative transportation methods to navigate their properties and go around town. It’s quite common for individuals living in retirement communities to invest in affordable and dependable golf carts as their daily drivers. Furthermore, a major benefit of owning a coach is the opportunity for upgrades and enhancements. Read on to learn three practical golf cart modifications to improve safety and performance for seniors.

Seating Enhancements and Accessories

Stock seating options for many golf carts are basic, stiff, and just plain uncomfortable. Thankfully, replacing your cart’s existing seating with improved cushions is simple and affordable! Ditch the rounded bench seating in favor of cushioned bucket seats that are more similar to those of a traditional automobile. These enhanced bucket seats are better for long distances and rugged terrains and even do a better job of keeping your body in the vehicle at all times. Along with seating upgrades, you should consider installing helpful accessories for further driver and passenger safety, such as armrests or half doors.

Advanced Lighting Systems

While many seniors don’t typically take their golf carts out for a joy run during the night, these vehicles must have effective lighting systems. Standard golf cart lights are quite weak and unreliable. This makes the entire cart far less visible in low-light conditions (dusk, fog, rain, night, etc.) and more vulnerable to accidents. Consider installing powerful LED lighting systems with high lumen counts to ensure visibility for yourself and others. Even a simple light bar attachment is enough to boost your golf cart’s lighting capabilities.

Improved Batteries

Whether you drive a gasoline or electric golf cart, your vehicle relies on battery power to some degree. As such, it’s essential that you have the right golf cart battery onboard to ensure ideal performance and superior dependability. Lithium batteries are popular among golf cart owners due to their reliability and excellent amp-hour ratings. Plus, these quality products last anywhere from 10 to 20 years with regular use and proper maintenance!

These practical golf cart modifications for seniors ensure safer and more effective driving experiences for everyone on the road! Consider purchasing these enhancements for an elderly loved one or installing them onto your own personal coach to enjoy the many benefits.

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Last modified: April 21, 2023