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4 Types of Jobs Where You Need To Wear PPE

Many industries can be quite dangerous, which is why the workers wear PPE. Here are some different types of jobs where you need to wear PPE.

4 Types of Jobs Where You Need To Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, protects workers in all industries from the risks they are exposed to at their jobs. Many industries require PPE, and they all have slight variations to suit the unique dangers of their industry. Still, it is PPE nonetheless. Continue reading to learn about the types of jobs where you need to wear PPE.

The Medical Field

Some of the most common jobs requiring PPE are within the medical field. As shown during the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE is critical for keeping medical staff safe from dangerous airborne pathogens. PPE is also important for patients. If you’re going into surgery, you want to know that the medical professionals are clean and wearing the right PPE. That way, their own bacteria and other contaminants stay away from you. Without proper PPE, there would be a much higher spread of diseases and a higher risk of infections!

Working With Electricity

PPE is critical in the electricity industry. Electricians and electrical engineers work with incredibly high-voltage systems, and a stray wire or electrical current can do serious damage if they’re not careful. To stay safe while working with electricity, electricians must wear the appropriate PPE. Many professionals in the field know that when working on a system, they must first shut off the power to stop the current of electricity. However, some systems needing maintenance must stay on. In these instances, it is critical to wear PPE, which consists of the following:

  • Closed-toe leather footwear
  • Hard hats
  • Face shields
  • Rubber-insulated gloves
  • Leather protectors

This gear is essential for keeping workers safe in the most shocking conditions!

Food Service

Personal protective equipment is essential for workers in the food industry. The gear can look quite different, as it protects the workers from hurting themselves. Workers in this sector also wear PPE that protects the food and the customers eating that food. Chefs typically wear protective gloves to keep themselves safe from cuts and burns, but they may also wear plastic, nylon, or latex gloves to prevent cross-contamination. Kitchen staff may also wear hair nets or hats to keep hair out of food.

Chemical Plant Workers

The chemical industry requires workers to wear PPE. Different organizations around the world use chemicals and solutions for different purposes, and they need to be manufactured somewhere. Depending on the chemical and chemical combinations, these substances can be incredibly dangerous for workers, emitting dangerous fumes and potentially burning their skin if they come into contact. Workers will wear PPE to keep themselves safe and avoid contaminating these chemicals.

Workers must wear PPE for all of these jobs because they handle some fairly dangerous stuff. A stray electrical wire, sickly cough, or sharp knife can send someone to the hospital if they’re not careful! Thankfully, PPE is available, and anyone can get the right version to suit their specific job needs.

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Last modified: December 6, 2022
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