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How To Fix the Most Common Vehicle Cosmetic Damages

You want your car to stay looking brand new, but minor cosmetic issues get in the way. Learn how to fix the most common vehicle cosmetic damages.

How To Fix the Most Common Vehicle Cosmetic Damages

Cosmetic damage on a vehicle doesn’t affect any structural or functional features of the car. The vehicle will run smoothly, but the exterior appearance of the vehicle will succumb to damages.

Simple things can cause various cosmetic damages. Continue reading to learn how to fix the most common vehicle cosmetic damages.

Exterior Scratches

The longer you drive your car, the more likely you’ll have paint scratches on its exterior. Whether it’s a simple door ding or a deeper scratch from another vehicle, there are ways to repair paint scratches yourself.

Clear coat scratches are surface level and will not affect the paint. You can remove these scratches by rubbing the area with a polishing compound.

Scratches to the paint layer are trickier to resolve. When this occurs, you’ll see the metal exterior of the vehicle. You may need to take the car to a professional or consider using a paint repair kit to match the color of your vehicle.

Consider applying a ceramic coating to your car to prevent future paint casualties. This protective coating will limit paint scratches and fading over time.

Cracked Windshield

Windshields are made of glass; they’re incredibly strong but can fall victim to cracks. A cracked windshield can result from various causes, such as temperature changes, hailstorms, and kicked-up rocks flying through the air.

There are different types of windshield cracks, and some are more serious than others. Small cracks from little pebbles that hit your windshield typically go untreated because they are not as dangerous to drive with. Floater cracks occur from large rocks or hailstorms and need immediate attention from a professional because they can spread very quickly. Stress cracks are like floater cracks, except they’re caused by fluctuations in temperature. In this instance, you should quickly replace the windshield before driving your vehicle further.

Minor Dents

Minor dents are very common cosmetic issues car owners face. Maybe you backed into something that caused a minor dent. The good news is your car will function with this cosmetic damage, but it’s something you’d like to fix.

The easiest fix is to place a wet plunger over the dented area. For some instances, you may want to heat the dented area, as well. Begin pushing and pulling the dented bumper until the frame pops back into place.

Now that you know how to fix the most common vehicle cosmetic damages, remember that you can always take your car to a professional rather than fix it yourself. Assess the damage and do what makes you feel most comfortable when repairing your car!

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Last modified: October 27, 2022