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Reasons To Ditch a Resort in Favor of an Adventure Vacation

Did you know that staying at a resort can sometimes negatively affect surrounding communities? Here’s why you should ditch the resort for your next vacation.

Reasons To Ditch a Resort in Favor of an Adventure Vacation

An all-inclusive stay at a luxury hotel in a tropical paradise sounds like the perfect, most relaxing trip for most people. And while staying at resorts and on cruises is the preferred form of travel for many individuals and families, there are arguably better ways to spend your time off. Here are three reasons to ditch that resort reservation in favor of an adventure vacation.

The True Traveling Experience

Resorts have their advantages—their available comforts and amenities make them ideal destinations for young families or older couples looking to unwind. However, for most people, you don’t need all the features that come with an all-inclusive hotel—resorts often play on people’s fear of the unknown, especially for international travel, by providing all the essentials within the walls of the property.

Instead of having everything you need right at your fingertips, consider traveling somewhere less “structured,” exploring surrounding communities, and participating in the local customs and traditions, if possible. This gives you the truest traveling experience and provides memories that’ll last for a lifetime.

More Possible Destinations

There are endless adventurous vacation destinations throughout the world, but you won’t find a multitude of luxury resorts in all of these places. Resorts are typically in tropical or warm countries, limiting your choices when determining the best location for you and your family.

When considering an adventurous trip, you can pick a unique destination and plan a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary. Get creative when finding your ideal region—climbing a mountain in the Andes or going on Safari in Kenya are both as rewarding as a vacation spent by the pool.

Arguably More Beneficial to Other Countries

Did you know that tourism isn’talways beneficial to the surrounding community and the country as a whole? In fact, certain types of tourism cause financial strain and environmental damage to towns and local residents. Are resorts a negative form of travel? In some respects, no—as stated before, they’re perfect for larger, young families and provide jobs for the locals. Additionally, the influx of tourists can, in some situations, boost local economies.

However, resorts hoard and deplete natural resources in various regions, prevent access to certain parts of communities for local residents, and put small businesses in jeopardy. When you book a more rugged, adventurous vacation, you impact foreign lands as minimally as possible.

There are plenty of reasons to ditch a resort in favor of an adventure vacation. Remember to plan well in advance to ensure better prices. Additionally, check out the COVID-19 and inoculation regulations for potential destinations so that you prepare yourself for your trip.

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Last modified: October 26, 2022