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The 10 Most Popular Hollywood Workouts of All Time

When preparing for movie roles, actors are often expected to get into impeccable shape in order to look the part. But which A-lister workouts do we want to try the most?

Bodybuilding experts at Barbend looked at which Hollywood workout routines people Google the most when they are looking to pack on muscle or chisel their own rock-hard abs. They looked at which actors followed by the word ‘workout’ and ‘workout routine’ are most frequently searched, to find out which routines the public want to try the most.

10. Zac Efron – 5,100 searches per month

The High School Musical turned Baywatch star racks up an impressive 5,100 searches per month for his workout routine. According to Efron’s trainer Patrick Murphy, in order to get the actor beach body ready, he was training on a three-day split, with different workouts focusing on specific muscle groups each day. Efron’s week was split into a back and biceps day, a leg day and a shoulders chest and arms day, which he performed twice a week. Ab exercises were also incorporated in each training session as well as some explosive movements to match the agility of real lifeguard when acting on set.


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Last modified: July 12, 2022

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