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Gastro Health When You Need It Most

Colonoscopy? Now You Can Choose to Prep Comfortably!

Constipated? Now You Have a Solution!

Gastro Health now offers patients a better and more comfortable choice to prepare for their colonoscopy and a solution for constipation!

HygiPrep® is a significant breakthrough in preparation for colonoscopy. The FDA-cleared system replaces the oral prep — with a normal night’s sleep and no need to repeatedly run to the bathroom.

“We are glad we can now offer the choice of HygiPrep to our patients, as a good bowel prep is the first step in a screening colonoscopy that can detect potential cancer risks and prevent colon cancer,” says Dr. James Leavitt, president/co-founder of Gastro Health. “We partnered with HyGIeaCare® to bring better care to our patients, with an easier prep for our patients and a safe and effective solution for constipation relief.”

The Gastro Health–HyGIeaCare center offers 2 treatments:

HygiPrep® replaces the oral prep and effectively cleans the bowel using a gentle infusion of warm, gravity-flow water. This means patients may forgo many of the elements that make traditional bowel prep inconvenient and uncomfortable and can experience simple, easy bowel prep for their scheduled colonoscopy.

Patients will be able to prepare comfortably for their colonoscopy in a safe, private and hygienic environment — with a normal night’s sleep and no need to repeatedly run to the bathroom.

HygiRelief® provides immediate relief to patients suffering from chronic constipation with a safe and effective solution.

The HyGIeaCare procedure is performed in a clean and comfortable environment. A trained technician provides instruction and is available for support throughout the appointment. A gentle gravity-flow stream of warm water flows into the bowel through a sterile, disposable nozzle. Water continually flows until the colon is cleansed comfortably and discreetly in about one hour.

Gastro Health takes pride in providing outstanding medical care and an exceptional health care experience for patients. The new HyGIeaCare Center in Miami is located adjacent to the Baptist Health Endoscopy Centers at 7500 SW 87th Avenue, Suite 202, Miami, FL 33173. It will allow patients from the Miami area to join tens of thousands of patients in the United States that have already benefited from HygiPrep and HygiRelief with excellent outcomes and excellent satisfaction.

For more information, visit hygieacare.com.

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