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Wynwood Law Firm Wins Legal Award for Best Commercial Litigation Department

AXS LAW Group is proud to announce that it has won the Daily Business Review’s 2021 Florida Legal Award for Commercial Litigation Department of the Year. This is the most prestigious legal award in South Florida. The article describing why AXS LAW earned the award can be accessed here.  

“I am proud that AXS LAW is being recognized for its marquee accomplishments in commercial litigation within our Florida community,” said Jeff Gutchess, founding partner of AXS LAW Group. “Our firm’s unique culture has attracted some of Miami’s best lawyers. It’s a great privilege to be a part of a group that is disrupting traditional legal models through a creative and fresh approach to the practice of law tailored to today’s modern clientele. AXS LAW skillfully challenges conventional models of legal practice in favor of a dynamic and decisive approach that has proven to be a more effective way of serving our clients and our community.”

AXS LAW is devoted to breaking bad lawyerly habits that hinder the efficient resolution of its clients’ disputes. AXS LAW does not address courts in the static manner favored by traditional law firms but rather pursues a modern approach to the practice of law that is more engaging for judges, more fulfilling for attorneys, more lucrative for our clients, and a boon to the community at large. 

AXS LAW was named Commercial Litigation Department of the Year based on several successful representations. In one case, on behalf of a Founding CEO, AXS LAW obtained an emergency injunction preventing an Italian investor from removing $4 million from the company’s account to cover losses that his Italian hotels were suffering in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In a second case, AXS LAW obtained an emergency order prohibiting a former partner from disclosing information he had obtained by hacking into the company’s servers.  In a third case, AXS LAW obtained an emergency order enjoining a Los Angeles business from shipping its new product, which had been developed and marketed using its client’s trade secrets and confidential business information. In a fourth case, AXS Law took over the representation of a limited partner in a private equity fund seeking payment of his share of the carried interest resulting from the sale of a supplements company to Clorox for $700 million, and settled the case after opening statements. 

This is actually the third time that AXS LAW partners have received the top award from the Daily Business Review.  In 2006, Jeff Gutchess was named one of the Daily Business Review’s Most Effective Lawyers for his work in the defense of national class actions, and in 2016 Josh Shore was named one of the Daily Business Review’s Most Effective Lawyers for his Appellate work on a winning brief before the United States Supreme Court.

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