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Air Freshener Items That Will Improve Your Life

Are you looking for different ways to remove bad odors around the house and encourage good ones? Explore these air freshener items that will improve your life.

Air Freshener Items That Will Improve Your Life

We’re all on the hunt for a good home-keeping hack. While it’s not easy keeping a house in tip-top shape with a family living in it, we do our best. Handy tips to keep the breathing quality up are especially useful for homes full of kids and pets. If you’re getting tired of scrubbing to fight the lived-in smells, then you need air freshener items that will improve your life.

First, Deodorize the Air

Before you can effectively add in good smells, it’s essential to first draw out the bad ones. Odors happen and from living with them we fail to notice them. Guests will sniff out stinks easily and sometimes we catch whiffs after being out of the house all day. What makes the smells hang around is moisture in the air, boosting bacterial presence.

Knock out the stink-producing moisture with a tray of kitty litter or plaster hidden in key locations. The best item for this is charcoal bags. They’re more attractive so you won’t feel bad displaying them in different rooms around the house, too.

Chemical-Free Sprays

When it comes to spritzing enticing aromas around the house, there’s a whole aisle full of aerosols to choose from in most stores. The only problem is most of them have nasty chemicals that also cause migraines and allergic attacks. Luckily, this isn’t a luxury you have to give up.

Switch out chemical cans for diluted aroma oils you make yourself. Alternatively, natural linen sprays are increasingly available. Most are essence water or a diluted alcohol base like perfume and so are safe to use throughout a home.

Explore Scent Diffusers

Ways to make a home smell great is hardly a new interest. People have been having fun creating potpourri displays since the 12th century. While it’s not as common a hobby as it should be these days, it’s still an effective way to freshen up space.

The more modern equivalent would be reed diffusers which have a more modern looking appeal to them. Some recent air freshener items that will improve your life are electric mini humidifiers. While older models were less than reliable, technology has improved along with the price tag. It’s a great way to subtly disperse a good scent while making the air more comfortable.

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Last modified: June 11, 2021