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Family Connections: Hobbies To Do With Your Grandkids

There’s nothing more important than intergenerational bonds. You can form these relationships by taking up these hobbies with your grandkids.

Family Connections: Hobbies To Do With Your Grandkids

Relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren are precious. Grandparents spoil their grandkids and can pass down knowledge that parents can’t. But nowadays, it seems like younger generations are glued to their phone. If you want to break this habit and form family connections, read about these hobbies to do with your grandkids.

Go Through Heirlooms

Almost everyone has some common types of family heirlooms. Why not go through these items with your grandkids to see what they would like to inherit? People with older grandchildren, for example, can pass down baby accessories if their grandchild is due to have a child of their own. Grandparents can also pass down hollowware for those who like to have dinner parties.

Book Club

If you don’t have a lot of family heirlooms lying around, consider starting a book club with your grandkids. You’ll have a blast:

  • Discussing interesting plot points
  • Sharing classics with little ones that you read while growing up
  • Going over discussion questions and seeing how smart your grandchildren really are

Pro Tip: Invite other people your age into the book club so you can all have lively discussions with the kids.


Another hobby to do with your grandkids is scrapbooking. You’ll have an awesome time going through old family photos and reliving precious memories. Then, each of you can create your own book and share it with the rest of the family. Hopefully, this will be a memento that you can pass down for generations to come.

2020 taught us never to take our grandparents for granted. With the vaccines starting to roll out, hopefully, grandparents can see their grandchildren more often. If you do get to see each other, don’t waste the visit by sitting around talking about the weather. Instead, take up one of these hobbies so you can learn from one another.

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