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The Advantages of Different Cardio Machines

The Advantages of Different Cardio Machines

Some of the best exercises you can get at home include cardio workouts with a variety of home gym machines. But how do you decide which machine to invest in? The best way to figure out what appeals to you the most is to compare the advantages of different cardio machines.


Possibly the most popular gym machines, treadmills are widely accessible and excellent choices for beginners and veterans alike. Treadmills are ideal for efficient weight loss, as walking and running are weight-bearing exercises that burn more calories than non-weight-bearing exercises such as riding a stationary bike. The treadmill is a very easy piece of equipment to use while being very customizable, allowing for varied workouts to prevent repetition with adjustments such as adding an incline. For those who cannot afford to buy a treadmill, you can consider gym equipment hire from companies that provide the such services, ensuring nothing stands in your way of burning those carbs.


Speaking of inclines, the StairMaster is similar in that it provides weight-bearing exercise-but it can burn even more calories than walking. Walking on a flat surface is far more efficient for your body than climbing stairs, meaning your body must work harder climbing stairs. If you have knee or joint issues, stairs have even less impact on your joints than a treadmill. Otherwise, this machine offers purely a lower body workout, so if you want any kind of upper body improvement, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


For more than just a lower body workout, ellipticals are great for providing a full-body workout that’s equally low impact on joints. Ellipticals are also ideal for people who struggle with balance, as they’re made with moving handles that become part of the exercise rather than being something to just hold onto. You push and pull the handles in time with your feet moving the pedals to engage your core.

Rowing Machine

When you’re comparing the advantages of different cardio machines, the often-overlooked rowing machine is an all-encompassing machine. This piece of equipment combines many of the benefits of the other machines: the endurance and stamina of the treadmill; the low joint impact of the StairMaster; and the strong full-body workout of the elliptical. It does have some disadvantages, such as putting a lot of stress on the lower back and taking up a lot of space.

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Last modified: December 15, 2020