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Gratitude, Determination, Perseverance

Looking forward to 2021, we are bullish that the market will continue strong for sellers of single-family homes in Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, The Falls, South Miami, and Coral Gables. Overall, Keyes volume is up 75% year-over-year through November, whereas nationwide inventory is down 35%. Homeowners that are ready to sell are in a very strong position fueled by high demand and low interest rates. The great escape to Florida from California, New York and others continues. Millennials too, are more interested in the space a single-family home or townhouse provides. DINK (Double Income No Kids) and double income no kids and the history of real estate appreciation in our market make buying real estate very attractive. 90% of all the net worth in the nation comes from the equity of the home. Homeowners have options while the market is so favorable. In 2021, The National Association of Realtors projects an increase in sales of 5% on units with a 10% increase in volume.

We anticipate what is a typical holiday slow down through the first half of January with some exceptions of sellers that are eager to realize the capital gain before year end.

Liede and I are very grateful with the families that trusted us and our business in 2020. We made many new friends along the way and increased the bond with past customers, existing friends, and the people they referred to us. Much of our business comes from referrals and from people in our community.

Also, we are grateful for our business partners at The Keyes Company and our fellow realtors in the community who were instrumental. Vendors including title companies, attorneys, inspection companies, insurance agents, lenders, marketing electronic and print suppliers and automobile service providers helped make 2020 special, in a good way.

In 2021, we will continue to adapt and provide the best service possible. The key to our business is to work with sellers and buyers that are motivated. In this virtual world, it means engaging and connecting with the people that would like our services, including focusing on each telephone call and contact with intent, awareness, and the desire to help our customer’s needs. Earning listings and prospective buyers has become a one-on-one marketing approach.

So, expect more telephone calls, personalized cards, emails, direct mail, and any activity that can help us connect with you. The politicians were prolific in their marketing efforts to the masses and got much of our attention. We will be very specific in who we market to, including the homes that receive this magazine. Please always feel comfortable reaching out to us. Your real estate needs are what allow us to share in this community. We are in a marathon and here for you when you’re ready.

Are the Miami Dolphins on a playoff run? In any event The Keyes Company partners with them through their recently renamed Dolphins Challenge Cancer. The Dolphins have a $75M commitment through the DCC. Your DeValdivielso Team also contributes to the challenge.

Gratitude, determination, perseverance. What we do matters to you and our families. Engaging, connecting, and having fun in 2021. We look forward to being of service to you next year and beyond.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year… How will we celebrate with family? You are going to need a bigger house…

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