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Kim Williams – Owner, Nailed It DIY Studio Miami

Crafting may be all the rage these days, but that doesn’t mean everyone was born to bead… or woodwork or knit. With that in mind, Nailed It DIY takes the guesswork out of crafts, offering classes and events for even the most craft-challenged. We spoke with Miami studio owner Kim Williams to learn more about what drew her to woodwork, the DIY difference and getting crafty as a business.

Tell me a little about the Nailed It DIY concept?

At our DIY studio you can create a one-of-a-kind wood project using our exclusive techniques. You pick out your project and schedule a time to come in to make it, with our help of course. We guide you as you sand, build, stain and paint your project. You can book your seat for one person or for a group of 20. The best part is that everyone gets to make something different, unlike other paint and sip events.

What ages can participate and what is involved?

We offer projects for ages six and up. With the kids we help and guide them to use the power tools. There’s a lot to learn about the tools so we teach them which tool is which and what each tool does. They learn that there are 4 types of miter saw, as well as nail guns, sanders and so much more! They love that they can Nail It too!

Give me an idea of some of the projects. Can you customize for those who are craft-challenged or who are more experienced?

We have all kinds of projects available. It does not matter if you are challenged or experienced because we are literally working with you every step of the way. Visitors can do wood signs from 9″ x 9″ all the way up to 28″ x 60″ as well as buffet boards, several different serving trays, bottle openers, tic tac toe games, lazy susan rounds, cornhole, beer pong and more!

Walk me through a party?

We offer kids parties and private parties. We have several kids packages available that includes all of the materials required for each of them to complete a project. The package gives them two hours of studio time and the parents are welcome to bring in a cake and refreshments. We can seat up to 20 kids.

For a private event we can seat up to 18 adults and it runs for two hours. Unlike the kids parties, at a private event each person can pick a different project to make. When the guests arrive they have all of their materials ready for them to get started on their projects. We help them pick out different techniques, colors and stains for the project. Step-by-step we teach and guide them so that they go home with a project they will proudly display in their home or office.

What is your own background and what drew you to open the Nailed It studio?

I was an accountant with a local air conditioning company for 20-plus years. As a hobby I love to craft and create things for my home. Like most of us, I saw something on Pinterest I wanted. I searched on Etsy for this particular wood sign but the shipping was too expensive so I attempted to make it myself. After a few failures I finally succeeded and proudly posted my sign on social media. A friend saw that post and asked me to make her one. Little by little the word spread and before I knew it, I was busy all the time making custom signs for friends of friends of friends in Miami. This went on for a few years. Eventually, a very good friend that lives in South Carolina told me about a small boutique-style shop that was teaching people to make their own wood sign. Of course at the time I didn’t want to share my secrets as I was happy doing it myself. We visited this shop while I was vacationing and the idea appealed to me, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the safety of my nine-to-five job. Two years later my friend told me that this company had incorporated and was now offering a franchise opportunity. At that point I was convinced that my side business was consistent and that there was a market here in Miami. My husband and my kids built our studio from the ground up. Every piece of furniture, shiplap wall, barn doors and bars were built with our own hands. We are a proud family that loves what we do.


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Andrea Carneiro
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