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Technology to Have in Your Hotel

Technology to Have in Your Hotel

With an influx of current technologies, the hospitality industry is continuously changing. More hotels and businesses are adapting to smartphone use, fast internet, and digital accessibility. For these reasons, the best technology to have in your hotel prioritizes customer satisfaction using smartphones or tablets to provide an integrated experience. Consider these additions to increase your revenue and boost your reputability.

Using a Mobile Device as a Room Key

As most people use their smartphones in their daily lives, capitalize on the new smartphone applications or software to better your hotel. One thing you can do is make mobile devices into room keys. This allows guests to use their mobile phones as door keys instead of relying on a physical one. With smartphone use being almost completely universal, it’s no surprise many hotels are making this switch.

Updated POS System

Generally, any business should have an updated POS system in place. This is important for maintaining guest information, checking in and out, payment processing, as well as many other services. Newer POS systems are designed for optimal convenience and business management. Use it to monitor reservations and room tabs, clerk functions, and employee information. Nevertheless, a new or updated POS system ensures your hotel transactions are fast and consistent, which will boost customer satisfaction.

Service Automation

Another way to optimize smartphone accessibility is through automated service. Hotel software often allows for room service or amenities appointments via smartphone. This way, guests can order food or schedule an appointment at their discretion. Additionally, guests can reserve features to their stay, such as parking spots or business meeting rooms. All of these can be done from their phones or through tablets placed in their rooms. Not to mention, guests can control their thermostat from these applications in their rooms or remotely.

Offer the Best Wi-Fi

Today, Wi-Fi is a must-have for any business. Hotel Wi-Fi has gotten a reputation or being slow or weak, but offering a better Wi-Fi experience benefits your business. Offering good-quality internet accessibility leaves customers happy and more likely to say something positive about their stay. Secure your network and install wireless access points to ensure strong signals throughout the hotel.

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