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The Restaurant Guide: Traditional Inspiration

Looking for a little holiday inspo? Look no further. We spoke to 10 of Miami’s favorite food innovators to see just what it’s like when the Chefs come home for the holidays.

Atchana Capellini

Atchana’s Homegrown

3194 Commodore Plaza // Coconut Grove
305 774 0404

This is kind of weird, but everyone in my family will tell you my favorite tradition around the holidays is to watch the movie ‘Love Actually’ over and over again as many times as I can until we hit Christmas Day. Then, finally, I’ll stop. Every year, starting around Halloween, that’s my number one thing. I love that movie.

Kristen Fisher-Friedmen

Cloud 9 Bakery

12723 S Dixie Hwy // Pinecrest
786 250 4672

Gathering around the table to prep and chop the vegetables for all the cooking and recalling all the holiday’s before, the feeling you get of being together, while binge watching all the Friend’s Thanksgiving episodes.

Scott Werner & Generric Kyles

Golden Rule Seafood

17505 S Dixie Hwy // Palmetto Bay
305 235 0661

Scott – Growing up we would always go on hay rides to look at Christmas lights. Now this is something I enjoy doing with my own kids.
Generric – My favorite holiday tradition is going to Georgia and hunting with my family for our Thanksgiving meal and coming back to the house and cooking all together.

Wade Copeland

Jimmy John’s Palmetto Bay

9823 Hibiscus St // Palmetto Bay
786 655 9865

My favorite Holiday tradition is decorating the tree. I’m always in charge making sure the tree is set straight in the stand and wrapping all the strands of lights around the tree. My wife and daughter hang the ornaments and put on all the finishing touches. It is one of my favorites because my whole family can do it together and we all have our important roles.

Adrianne Calvo


7400 SW 57th Ct // South Miami
305 665 5820

Nothing beats a home cooked meal for the holidays but at the end of the day, it’s the people that you celebrate with that matter. I could be eating hotdogs on Christmas Eve and be the happiest person in the world if I’m surrounded by my family and friends. My Dad typically roasts a whole hog in a custom made smoker. My mom and grandmothers take over the kitchen doing traditional Cuban Christmas dishes from recipes handed down from generations.

Sunny Oh

Juvia Miami

1111 Lincoln Rd // Miami Beach
305 763 8272

I came to this country as a child from South Korea. My family embraced the USA as our new home. The values and traditions of South Korea came together to make fascinating holidays. Turkey and kalbi ribs, stuffing and white rice. A combination of both cultures. My mom and sister used to be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, but I have since taken over. My family sits around the kitchen table talking and nibbling on bits as we wait for the turkey and ribs.

Brad Kilgore

Kilgore Culinary

When I was a kid, my parents would drive us around to the neighborhoods that had houses with crazy Christmas lights, mechanical Santa villages, and music playing. We also brought cookies and hot chocolate along for the ride which made it that much better!

Alex Martinez

La Cerveceria de Barrio

836 Lincoln Rd Mall // Miami Beach
305 535 7400

One of my favorite holiday traditions is smoking a turkey with my loved ones. The holidays are a time to be surrounded by family and enjoy comforting dishes that bring back memories from childhood. I love to watch everyone get excited as the aroma of the turkey travels throughout the house and everyone is ready to enjoy an indulgent feast.

Tyler Dabestani

Necessary Purveyor

723 LINCOLN LN // Miami Beach
561 708 0565

Holiday tradition in our household starts with a Heritage Farms turkey. It is a tradition to gather around the family for green bean casserole, mac and cheese, yams, collard greens, cranberry sauce, sweet potato mash, warm bread and a bunch of cold beers. The holidays are a time to be thankful for each other and join together as a family with our four legged furry friends too. Dogs have to be a part of the feast. It’s all fun and games!

Andrea Marchesin

Toscana Divino

900 S Miami Ave // Miami
305 371 2767

I have been working in the hospitality industry since I was 16 years old and holidays have always been a busy time for me, however I have always been able to find a moment to celebrate with my family and my dearest friends. It was always a moment where wine and traditional cuisine prepared by my mother was filling the holiday atmosphere. I have been keeping this tradition alive since moving to Miami.

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