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Investing in Dental Care Fosters Overall Good Health

For many individuals, oral health considerations may not be at the top of their mind when it comes to maintaining overall wellness, especially if the company you work for hasn’t looked into healthcare for small businesses, as well as them looking at personal plans either. However, visiting the dentist for preventative care can help with the early detection of potentially serious medical conditions, such as diabetes. Despite wider access to dental benefits today, certain groups like senior citizens or low-income families, are less likely to have coverage.

Cost is the top reason for infrequent dental care across all age groups, however, the degree of concern about costs varies by household income. Over half (53%) with a household income of less than $50,000 mention cost as the main reason for infrequent dental visits.1 According to Guardian Life’s research, 4 in 10 adults skip or delay a dental care procedure due to out-of-pocket cost.2 Many adults are not aware that the health of our mouth is linked to our physical and emotional wellness. Visiting a dentist twice a year is a crucial investment in your overall health.

Guardian Life, an insurance company in business for more than 155 years, announced its 2020 dental plans for Florida in the Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as Affordable Care Act Marketplace). Celebrating 50 years of offering group dental coverage, Guardian Life provides affordable dental insurance with premiums for adults starting at $8.06 a month and covers an array of services.3

The value of having Guardian Life dental insurance is that routine dental exams and cleanings will be covered at no cost as long as the member stays within Guardian’s extensive dental network. Additionally, the monthly premium is a smart investment and a significant savings over what you would need to pay for unexpected and more invasive treatments such as root canals, extracted teeth or crowns. Regular dental visits are the key to oral health and its impact on our overall wellbeing.

Open Enrollment runs through December 15, 2019 for coverage effective on January 1, 2020.

To learn more visit: https://dentalexchange.guardiandirect.com/our-plans/florida/

Dental PPO Plans are underwritten by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America in FL. Limitations and exclusions apply. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage.

GUARDIAN ® is a registered service mark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ® ©Copyright 2019 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, N.Y. 2019-89357 (5/20)

1 – ADA Health Policy Institute analysis of Harris Poll survey data collected April 2015

2 – Guardian’s Workplace Benefit Study, 5th Annual, “Dental Benefits: A Bridge to Oral Health Wellness,” 2018

3 – Premiums will vary based on the plan you select

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