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Punching Up South Florida Fitness

After more than two decades in the personal training business, Chuck Arslan knows that the fitness game is an ever-evolving industry. So he did what any good entrepreneur would do – he created the next big thing.

In October, Chuck Arslan transformed his five-year-old gym, Stratiform, into Paradise Gym, taking over the name from the long-beloved Miami gym. But he didn’t stop there. Arslan combined the Paradise facility with Sucker Punch Fitness, his group training studio next door and launched SP Cycle Studio in the space as well. Altogether, the joint spaces in Palmetto Bay offer close to 60 classes a week for everyone from post- school drop off moms to weekend warriors.

“We’ve created a product that’s unique in the area,” says Arslan, who brought his background as a contractor into the mix as he renovated the 10,000-square-foot space to give it a decidedly non-suburban look. “It’s much more of a Wynwood, downtown vibe. It’s a boutique-style facility that offers the group training and the gym in the same place.”

A partner to the Paradise component, Arslan created Sucker Punch as an option for those who enjoy group training but want something new and different. Classes are based around boxing, a cardio option Arslan touts for its ability to effect change across the board. “We have group cardio boxing, which is a 50-minute cardio boxing class where we also do some core, abs, and upper and lower body work. We have Boxing Boot Camp, which is strength and conditioning class; Booty Box, which is cardio with lower body; and we even have a Technique 101 class, which is more how to hit harder and faster,” says Arslan of his class options. Spin classes get creative as well, with offerings such as Pump and Pedal, which incorporates upper body weights with cycling.

True to his roots as a personal trainer, Arslan works closely with staff to ensure they know how to modify any exercises for all skill and health levels. “You can have a person who has the technique down pat, and someone who has never done a class before, and our instructors can accommodate each person,” he says. Fellow students as well create motivation and accountability in each class. “Most of our clients are just regular people who are trying to find a way to make working out fun and entertaining. They don’t want to just get on a treadmill for 30 minutes,” he says. “They’re all working toward the same goal.”

And, in the end, Arslan says there is nothing better than pushing through a class, even if it’s an intimidating thought at first. “Our staff is very accommodating, they help newer students get their wraps on and their gloves on for boxing; they introduce them to the moves,” he says. “Within a few minutes you realize that it’s something anyone can do. You finish your finish first class and you feel more confident and more empowered.”

Pricing is structured for personalization as well, with membership rates varying from $40 to $140 month with a free introductory class for new clients. Students can also choose to join either Paradise or Sucker Punch or bundle the two to get the benefits of both types of workouts. “I think people will be surprised when they see the space,” says Arslan, who will hold a grand opening for the new Paradise Gym on April 20,2019. “We bring a lot of value to the table.”

For more information on Sucker Punch Fitness, please call 786-429-1025 or visit the studio at 8803 SW 131st St, Miami, FL 33176.

Andrea Carneiro
Author: Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
the authorAndrea Carneiro
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