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Most lower back pain in the United States is idiopathic and caused by sedentary postures such as prolonged sitting in front of a computer or a long road trip in a car. Bad sleeping postures such as sleeping on one’s stomach or sleeping on one’s side without pillows between one’s legs are also common causes.

Although most times we cannot avoid but to sit in order to work or commute, it is highly suggested to take frequent breaks by standing and walking (standing workstations are a great investment for those who’s work is sedentary). Likewise, when we are sleeping we are in a semi-subconscious state, making it difficult to control the positions we are in, but continued conscious effort prior to going to sleep as well as in the middle of the night to regain the proper posture will eventually train our minds.

Studies have also suggested that 95 percent of lower back pain without any involvement of leg pain, numbness or weakness, is due to muscular tightness of the lower back muscles. In order to avoid or minimize idiopathic lower back pain when sitting try to avoid hyperextension of the back, in other words sitting up straight. Studies have demonstrated zero gravity position (the position that astronauts are placed in when orbiting and working in space) is the best way to put your spine in a neutral position, as it avoids extreme shortening or lengthening of the spine. Zero gravity sitting can be achieved without the use of any expensive ergonomic equipment such as chairs that can cost thousands of dollars.

Please visit or contact us in order to answer more questions on avoiding lower back pain so that you can continue to live with a healthy pain-free back and resume all of your activities of daily living, including sports and exercise.

Physical Therapy……The science of healing……The art of caring.

Low Back Pain Causes:

  • Sedentary
  • Over weight
  • Manual labor
  • Overuse
  • Anterior pelvic tilt

Avoid low back pain :

  • Standing workstation
  • Losing weight
  • Proper body mechanics
  • Strong core
  • Neutral spine zero gravity position

A Physical Therapist can help educate you on avoiding lower back pain through modified activities of daily living, such as proper postures for sitting and sleeping, proper body mechanics and proper shoe choice.

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager
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