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Schnellenberger Family Foundation Launches

Legendary American football coach Howard Schnellenberger, his wife Beverlee, and their youngest son, Timothy Schnellenberger, founder and CEO of Healing Properties and Recovery Boot Camp in Delray Beach, Florida, announced the creation and launch of the Schellenberger Family Foundation. After decades of struggling with and fighting against the disease of addiction within their own family, the Schnellenbergers have launched a foundation specifically designed to support the family of those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation will address the needs of an addict’s immediate family. “Addiction is a family disease and it affects everyone that is close to the addict, including parents, siblings, spouses, and children,” Tim Schnellenberger said. “My family knows it firsthand that the effects are emotional, physical, and financial.”

Launched in January of 2018, the foundation will financially and emotionally provide for the families of those individuals in drug and alcohol treatment. It doesn’t just affect the individuals, it also affects those around them, including their closest family members and friends. Without foundations like this, they are more likely to look for drug testing in Orlando to make sure that their loved ones stay clear of the drugs, as this may be the only way for them to learn how to cope. But this could all be about to change. The foundation’s focus aligns well with Tim Schnellenberger’s existing businesses: Healing Properties and Recovery Boot Camp. Healing Properties, which was founded in Delray Beach in 2003, provides a sober living community to addicts in recovery; Recovery Boot Camp, which launched in 2015, provides treatment and teaches addicts how to get sober by using the Alcoholic Anonymous’s Big Book. More than 5,000 men have gone through the two programs. And, it’s great to see even more recovery support for those who are struggling with alcohol addiction. There are already so many support networks and rehab centers, similar to The Holistic Sanctuary (https://www.theholisticsanctuary.com/luxury-alcohol-rehab/) who have opened up their doors to those in need of this type of support.

The foundation is also an extension of the Stephen Schnellenberger Foundation for Sober Living, founded in 2009 in memory of Stephen Schnellenberger – brother of Tim, and eldest son of Howard and Beverlee.

“We are just a proud dad and mom wanting to be a part of something bigger,” said Howard Schnellenberger. “I am retired and now have the opportunity to do something beneficial for others. From our family’s own experience with addiction, we know getting sober works, provided you go to the right treatment center. We want addicts to have that opportunity and for their families to know they are safe.”

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation’s mission is to support the needs of the addict’s family and it does so in three ways:

  • Weekend Family Program (Primary Program)

Loved ones often feel overwhelmed, confused, angry, fearful and unsure as to what to do or how to handle their particular situation. The Weekend Family Program at is geared towards the needs of the immediate family members of drug and alcohol addicts. The intent of the Weekend Family program is to provide the family a complimentary weekend in South Florida with the addict, supporting him, and most importantly learning to be a force for healing and recovery. Recovery Boot Camp clients who have been in treatment for four weeks automatically qualify for the program.

  • Safe At Home Initiative (Secondary Program)

Too often treatment-seeking men balk because of financial obligations at home. By financially providing for the families of those enrolled in Recovery Boot Camp, the Schnellenberger Family Foundation frees the client from such burdens. Burdens may include: mortgage payments, health insurance for the addict’s wife and kids, food and necessary items for the household, etc. The stipend also eliminates the worry brought about by prior obligations, thus providing qualified clients’ the opportunity to complete the full 90-day program without the subsequent obstructions to their recovery. For the foundation, the welfare of a client’s immediate family is of paramount importance, and our Safe at Home Initiative is integral to a client’s treatment.

  • Basic Training: Family Edition Webinar

The Schnellenberger Family Foundation in partnership with Recovery Boot Camp will present a weely family educational program designed specifically for the families of addicts. The 8 to 10 week FREE webinar, which kicks off Thursday, February 8 from 8:00 to 9:00 PM (EST) and will be available on the Foundation’s website, will be presented by Recovery Boot Camp’s Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg. The series will touch on all aspects of the family dynamics surrounding a loved one with the disease of addiction. Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3912206796225381121.

About Howard & Beverlee Schnellenberger Howard and Beverlee Schnellenberger are the parents of Tim Schnellenberger, Founder & CEO of Healing Properties and Recovery Boot Camp – sober living and addiction treatment centers located in Delray Beach, Florida. Howard and Beverlee, who reside in Boynton Beach, FL, have been married for more than 40 years and are the parents of three sons: Stephen (deceased), Stuart and Tim. The Schnellenberger family has struggled with the disease of addiction for four decades – and Howard and Beverlee have become strong advocates of the drug and alcohol recovery industry. Both acknowledge that addiction is a family disease and see their partnership with their son in launching the Schnellenberger Family Foundation both a worthy and timely calling.

Howard, 83, is a legendary retired football coach with long service at both the professional and college levels. He held head coaching positions with the National Football League‘s Baltimore Colts and in college for the University of Miami, University of Louisville and Florida Atlantic University. He won a national championship with Miami in 1983; Schnellenberger also worked extensively as an assistant coach at the college and pro levels, including as part of the staff of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins. learned his football tactics as a player for “Bear” Bryant and Blanton Collier at the University of Kentucky.

About Tim Schnellenberger Tim Schnellenberger is the Founder and CEO of Recovery Boot Camp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and Healing Properties Sober Living Community. Schnellenberger founded Healing Properties in 2002 and, after 5,000 clients and 12 years of successes, he saw a dire need for a long-term, 12-step emersion addiction treatment center. In 2015, he opened Recovery Boot Camp, which is designed to meet that need — head-on.

Schnellenberger first began his work in the sober living and rehabilitation industry as a way of giving back and helping others the way he had been helped earlier on in his own life. Schnellenberger has consequently created a no-bullshit environment that focuses simply on helping men get sober. According to Schnellenberger, to remain a tenant, one must be actively attending NA/AA/NA meetings, utilizing a 12-step sponsor, working the 12-steps, interacting with sober supports, and implementing the daily living skills necessary for long-term recovery. His tenants are carefully screened and closely monitored to ensure that they are both motivated and serious about their recovery from chemical dependency.

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