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18 Ways to Get (and Stay) Healthy in 2018

  1. Get Cruciferous.
    When Dr. Oz says it’s his favorite food you better sit up and take notice. The TV doc and health expert has been spouting the benefits of broccoli for years, even citing broccoli sprouts as the new kale for 2018, telling fans that it contains 10-to-100-times the cancer-fighting compounds of “adult” broccoli.
  2. Head Outside.
    Soak up that Vitamin D in order to fight everything from the flu to heart disease, reduce depression (a study found Vitamin D deficiency was more common in people who were experiencing anxiety and depression) and even boost weight loss.
  3. Google Moringa.
    Forget turmeric, the word on health influencer’s lips in 2018 is moringa. Eaten by ancient Greeks and Romans, the leaves have been used for centuries in medicine and are rich in antioxidants. Look for it to show up in everything from nutrition bars to juices and kombucha. Even the oil is beginning to make an appearance in beauty products.
  4. Hack your DNA.
    Deep dive into your own heritage with kits from Ancestry.com and 23andMe. With just a simple saliva sample, lab experts can email you information on your ancestry composition and genetic health risks. Some companies can even connect you to long lost relatives and deliver wellness reports on everything from sweet vs. salty preferences to lactose intolerance and, yes, a unibrow.
  5. Get techno w/ your sleep.
    Sure, shutting down your smartphones are a key to restful sleep but what if those same devices could enhance your nighttime benefits? Smart mattresses can now analyze REM cycles, wake you at the optimal time and cool your bed down for the perfect sleep climate. For those looking for a less pricey alternative, apps like SleepBot can give you the info you crave.
  6. Try Thai.
    With dishes that inspire scientific study, Thai cuisine brings health benefits via fresh herbs and spices such as turmeric, galangal, coriander, lemongrass, and fresh chilies and pass on immune-boosting and disease-fighting power. Lemongrass, in particular can help with flus and colds, fevers, headache and arthritis. Try Atchana’s East/West Kitchen for a local Thai kick.
  7. Give your gut some love.
    If you haven’t yet dived in to the world of Kombucha, expect to be inundated in 2018. The gut-friendly beverage, made up of fermented tea, is bigger and better than ever, with small-batch brewers and big-name companies competing for shelf space at your local grocery store.
  8. Just Disconnect.
    While tech can make our lives easier, it can also add a lot of unwanted stress. 2018 brings the evolution of the disconnect, with restaurants and clubs enlisting a “No Phone” policy and hotels bragging about their lack of Wi-Fi to solace-seeking travelers. Head over to Hipcamp.com to find and book unique experiences on ranches, nature preserves, farms, vineyards, and public campgrounds across the U.S.
  9. Embrace transparency.
    From calorie labels to GMOs and Fair Trade certifications, companies are now more transparent than ever with what they’re putting on the shelves. Whole Foods has committed to making sure all products are tracked to sustainable sources, while 7-11 is offering sustainable coffee and even McDonald’s is planning to grow their sustainably sourced product list.
  10. Turn it up.
    Download some good advice with the help of podcasts. East to listen to (in the car, while you work out, on your Echo…) podcasts are a simple way to ingest health advice while on the go. Look inward with Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, learn about health and wellness via interviews by Jordan Younger on Soul On Fire or let Shaun T. of Insanity fame encourage your physical fitness on Trust and Believe.
  11. Toss those chemicals.
    2018 is all about ingredients and that means everything from food to beauty. With more and more small brands popping up to tout natural and organic ingredients it’s easier than ever to cut down the chemicals and pick up healthy alternatives to skincare and makeup everywhere from Target to Sephora.
  12. Put down the fork.
    Intermittent fasting isn’t going anywhere, with the trend kicking up in 2018 thanks to growing research that it can improve long- and short-term health. Scientists are debunking the myth that it’s just about weight loss by proving benefits such as improved digestion and a reduction in inflammation.
  13. Just say Om.
    It’s easier than ever to reap the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. The Calm app offers users guided meditations for every level, relaxing music options and even sleep stories to help keep insomnia at bay, while Innergy meditation studio on Miami Beach lets stressed South Floridians drop in for classes at their will.
  14. Get personal with your running shoes.
    Just months ago, Brooks Running Company announced a partnership with HP Inc. and Superfeet to introduce the first performance running shoe created based on an individual’s unique biomechanics. Available via special order, the shoes will work off of 3D foot scans to combine foot pressure measurements, movement analysis of the runner’s joints, and personal experience preferences.
  15. Drink up.
    They say real beauty is on the inside, so it makes sense that beauty powders would take flight with the forever young. Companies like The Beauty Chef, Moon Juice and HUM are packing powders and dusts that dissolve into tea and water and promise a true glow from within.
  16. Find your group.
    Ranking at #2 on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual survey of worldwide fitness trends, group training is the perfect option for fitness enthusiasts who need a little support and accountability with their workout. Try Zumba (offered at many local community centers and dance studios) or a HIIT class for your group fix.
  17. Rethink your yoga.
    Sure, traditional forms of the age-old discipline are still popular, but extreme yoga classes like beer yoga (yes, poses involve “beer salutations”), naked yoga (you get the picture) and cat yoga are becoming less gimmick and more the norm.
  18. Clear your air.
    A Pinterest analysis of 2017 saw a 270 percent increase in “saves” for air purifiers and air purifying plants. Looking to jump in? Though there is little scientific evidence the purifiers improve general health, it has been shown that breathing polluted air can exacerbate asthma, allergies, heart disease, and other medical conditions. Look for garden mums, spider plants and focus among others.
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Last modified: January 4, 2018
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