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The Glory of Giving

Mercy Mesa

The Glory House of Miami

Though Mesa began her career as a jewelry designer, the mom of five found her true calling in fundraising, eventually using her talents for event planning and organization to help nonprofits find their way in Miami’s competitive landscape. When she was introduced to The Glory House of Miami through a colleague of her husband she found a perfect fit. “I found passion in this,” says Mesa of her dedication to the cause. “As a mother and as a woman, the more I find out about it, the more I want to get awareness out there.”

About The Glory House:
Founded in 2011, the faith-based nonprofit works with victims of human trafficking to offer  a safe home and healing environment where rescued victims will regain their freedom and health. “We want to restore them, to heal them, so that they can have as normal a life as possible,” says Mesa. Currently working with eight victims (both Miami and Florida are known as hubs for trafficking), the organization hopes to secure a home this year where survivors (mostly young women) can find shelter as well as 24-hour care. Mesa also sees her role as educator, working with schools and other local services to help protect young women from predators that can often disguise themselves as legitimate businesses. “These people, they are super organized,” says Mesa of traffickers. “They’re very underground and they’re international. That’s why it’s so hard to catch them.”

Upcoming Events:
This spring Mesa has partnered with Bloomingdale’s at the Falls and other local businesses for two events, the first of which was held April 9 and featured 18 high school students from both Palmetto and Terra high schools modeling prom fashions to inspire “shop for a cause” action. The May event, taking place May 7, will feature a pet-friendly fashion show as well as food and drinks, with 10 percent of Bloomingdale’s sales from May 6-9 donated to the Glory House of Miami. Mercy also brought in sponsors such as EZ Vet, Cloud 9 Bakery and Serendip-A-Tea to support the cause. “There’s strength in numbers,” says Mesa. “More than anything, awareness is key.”



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Last modified: June 12, 2015