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Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Vacation With Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes requires some extra planning in certain areas. Learn the top three mistakes to avoid before your vacation with diabetes.

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Vacation With Diabetes

So, you’re about to take a trip—that’s amazing! Unfortunately, many of us rush out the door without proper preparation. Though a hasty exit is always best to avoid, it’s especially important to avoid if you live with a condition like diabetes. There are so many things you should do, from setting up an emergency contact to packing all the right supplies. However, trying to remember everything you could need before you pack your bags can be quite a tall order. Therefore, we’ve provided the many mistakes to avoid before your next vacation with diabetes so you can travel confidently and safely. Learn more below. 

Not Packing Everything You Need for Your Condition

This seems self-explanatory, but it can be easy to forget every element of your medical supplies when packing. You should have a checklist in place with all necessary items on it, but if you don’t, take some time the night before and make this list. Otherwise, you might land in another country and realize you forgot your lancelets, glucose monitor, blood sugar journal, or your diabetic shoes that help manage the neuropathy in your feet.

Not Having an Emergency Protocol 

Who will you call in case of an emergency? While we tend to forget this step if we’re traveling in the States, this is especially important when you’re traveling internationally. Tell your doctor that you’re going on your trip and ask them if you need anything diabetes-specific, or ask them for any precautionary advice.

Also, calling someone to help you if something goes awry is fundamental to the trip’s safety. Perhaps plan check-in times with your friends or family for the duration of your stay. Furthermore, make sure they know how to help you in case you need emergency medical supplies, funds, flights, or accommodations. Not having an emergency protocol when you travel is a mistake you want to avoid before any vacation, but especially if you’re traveling with diabetes.

Not Making an Itinerary 

Knowing what you will do when you reach your destination is important. Try looking up landmarks, famous food places, and main events throughout the state or country you travel to. You should also ensure you know where the closest medical facilities are that will accept your insurance should a medical emergency arise. Overall, having a detailed plan makes it easier to manage your stress, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip despite any added complications.

With proper packing, an emergency protocol, and an itinerary, you can expect to have a great time on your next vacation. 

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Last modified: May 26, 2023
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