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5 Ways To Tell That Your Dog Likes Daycare

If you are still unsure whether your dog is enjoying their stays at daycare, there are simple ways to know. Learn five ways to tell that your dog likes daycare.

5 Ways To Tell That Your Dog Likes Daycare

Whenever you take your dog in for daycare, you may wonder if your favorite furry friend enjoys it. After all, they can’t tell you verbally if they do or don’t. However, you can find out by learning these five ways to know that your dog likes daycare.

Your Dog Perks Up at the Mention of Daycare

One way to tell that your dog enjoys their time in daycare is if they perk up at the mere mention. If they wag their tail or run to the door after you bring it up, it’s a good sign that they enjoy spending time with your dog daycare provider.

They Get Excited When They Arrive

Another way to tell that your dog likes daycare is if their enthusiasm continues when they are in the car. If you pull up to the daycare building and they seem excited about going inside, you can be confident they enjoy it. If they didn’t, they would be more resistant and seem scared.

Your Pet Is Comfortable With Others at Daycare

You can also tell if things are going well by observing your dog’s reactions to others at daycare. If they seem comfortable and positive in their interactions with the employees and other dogs, it’s more than likely that they are having a good time. But if they seem fearful or aggressive, this isn’t working out for your favorite furry friend.

The Daycare Employees Give Positive Feedback

You can also check how things are going by speaking to the staff at the daycare. They should be able to give you feedback on whether your dog has a good time when they come in or if they aren’t.

Your Dog Seems Relaxed and Happy Afterward

Finally, when you pick up your dog at the end of the day, look at their behavior. They probably had a good time if they seem happy but a little more relaxed. It’s okay if they even seem a little tired. They likely burned off a lot of their energy while having fun.

When you spot these indicators, you can feel more confident that you are leaving your dog in a place where they are comfortable. If not, it’s time to look for another option that your favorite canine deserves.

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Last modified: April 24, 2023