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Stay Safe This Spring Break

With Spring Break quickly approaching, it’s important to remind our families of the ways that we can remain safe as the kids take a break from studying. While fun may be the top priority for your student, as a parent, ensure that you are setting the example that safety should always be the top concern, especially with extra time on our hands. Whether you decide to get away or stay here in South Florida, here are some safety reminders to keep your family safe during Spring Break.

On the Roads

Drivers, beware! Miami-Dade County Public Schools are on Spring Break from March 20 to March 24, which means that there may be more students out and about during the day. Keep a watchful eye for more children crossing the streets and riding bikes. As always, keep the distractions out of the car and pay attention to your surroundings as you drive.

Teen Drivers

Parents, if your teen drivers will be using the car over Spring Break, remind them to be cautious, not careless, drivers. Limit the number of people they can take in the car, as passengers can often be a big distraction. Another option for transportation nowadays is ride-sharing through apps such as Uber or Lyft, which may be a safer bet. Discuss road safety with your teen before you make any decision to turn over the keys.

Ensure a Safe Premise

If you choose to entertain your child’s friends over Spring Break, make sure you maintain a safe premise. This means that your home and property should not contain any hazards or potential dangers that could cause injury. If you have a pool, make sure that there is a safety fence surrounding the pool to help avoid any unintentional drownings while you are away from the home.

Water Safety

Between our beautiful South Florida beaches and nice large public pools such as Venetian Pool, you may be tempted to take the kids for a swim. Make sure to heed all lifeguard warnings, especially at the beach. Strong currents can pull someone away from safety quickly; so, if the lifeguard warns against swimming, don’t let your child in the water. Additionally, never leave your child without adult supervision near the beach or pool. Drownings may be hard to hear, but a watchful adult may be able to prevent serious injury or death by simply paying attention.

We hope that everyone enjoys their Spring Break and has a chance to relax before classes pick up again, but we also hope that parents discuss safety and set the example that before any fun starts, safety must be a priority.

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Last modified: February 27, 2023
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