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Carole Smith


Total Years in the industry: 28

Current company: COMPASS

Top reason to work with a Realtor:

In an increasingly complex world, the process of buying or selling a house has also evolved into what is often a very daunting process. There are minefields along the way that only a very seasoned, experienced Realtor can help navigate.

What makes you excited to go to work?

THE PEOPLE! I am in love with my clients, and as we travail one of the most important experiences in their lives, we form lifelong bonds.

What are your market predictions for 2023?

South Florida is still the land of dreams. People still want to live here. If a house is priced properly and looks its best, it will sell. There may not be the bidding wars of 2021, but I believe the house will sell close to or at asking price.

Biggest challenge for sellers:

Inspections are the biggest challenge to sellers. Buyers are now doing more thorough inspections than ever before, and pipes, plumbing, air conditioning ductwork, mold and septic issues in these older homes are being evaluated microscopically. A seller has to be ready to collaborate with the buyer to resolve unexpected issues, and an experienced Realtor will bring enormous value to the process by being solutions driven.

Biggest challenge for buyers:

Insurance is one of the biggest challenges for buyers right now. Once upon a time, a buyer applied for insurance one or two weeks before the closing. The insurance process now needs to begin at the time of inspection. The cost of insurance has increased, and the cost needs to be factored into the overall expense of homeownership.

What market is still hot right now?

Fortunately, the market in which I specialize is still vibrant and hot. This includes Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, High Pines, Ponce/Davis, South Miami, the entire waterfront Old Cutler Road corridor, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and the Baptist/Falls area.

What is South Florida’s best-kept secret?

If you can’t manage a weekend at a spa, then drive to Fairchild Gardens or Matheson Hammock and enter a world of peace and serenity.

What should you do before you list your home?

A real estate professional will guide the seller as to the things that will help provide the most enticing photos and experience for a prospective buyer. I have not had a showing, in the last three years, that did not begin before a buyer had looked at the house online before making the decision to schedule an appointment.

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