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Why the “Starving Artist” Troupe Is a Myth in 2023

Are you thinking about becoming an artist in 2023? If you’re scared to take the leap, we assure you that you’ll be fine. Find out why this is the case here.

Why the “Starving Artist” Troupe Is a Myth in 2023

Art is here to stay, and artists don’t need to be penniless, especially in 2023. So why does the stereotype persist? Why do we smirk when people say they’re an artist and “humor them” when they speak about their interests, whether implementing ideas for upcycling upholstered furniture, painting, or creating large-scale sculptures? The truth is, it’s easier than ever to become an artist and profit from it. We’ll dive into why this is the case in our examination of why the starving artist troupe is a myth in 2023.

Access To Resources

Today we live in an age where artists have more information, reach, and resources than ever before. This abundance of resources is almost foreign to the art industry, even as early as the ’80s and ’90s. Billions of people worldwide use social media, and artists can sell their creations on marketplaces or Craigslist. It’s easier than ever to get exposure and monetary gain on your terms. You no longer have to work for “exposure.” You can create on your terms.

Marketing and Selling Your Work Is King

There’s no such thing as making art for art’s sake anymore unless you want to do a few personal side projects. Social media and other forms of modern marketing allow you to sell your art without feeling bad about it. There’s nothing “pure” in not having enough money to pay the bills, and more artists are starting to see that. In addition, you’re marketing and selling something you believe in. Marketing and selling your work adds a whole other layer of freedom and fulfillment to the job.

People Are Educating Themselves

Artists are no longer starving because of the proliferation of educational materials. There are lectures on YouTube and massive online classes you can take for free. Even MIT has many cool open courseware art classes you can take online. People are starting to learn about art and business, which helps them make strides when selling. We can’t deny if you want to prove that the starving artist troupe is a myth in 2023, you have to be willing to educate yourself. 

Artists need to understand that many appreciate their work, and they aren’t required to work for pennies or, even worse, “exposure.” Have fun out there, and don’t forget to ask for compensation for your work. You deserve it.

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Last modified: January 5, 2023
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