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The NFL’s Fastest Growing Fanbases

  • New research from Betway has revealed which NFL teams have experienced the fastest growth in fans online over the last year
  • By analyzing follower growth on Instagram over the last 12 months, the Cincinnati Bengals were revealed to have had the biggest jump with a growth of 94.68% 
  • The reigning Super Bowl champions, Los Angeles Rams have the second highest growth on Instagram followers with a staggering 51.80% over the past year

Having a strong online presence on social media channels has become an extremely important factor for the modern NFL franchise, with platforms such as Instagram providing great opportunities for teams to communicate directly with their fans and create an online community. 

The best way of measuring online communities and fanbases is through one metric: followers. By looking at how follower counts are growing, we can get an insight into which team’s online fanbase is growing the fastest – with Super Bowl appearances providing a massive boost in this department.

To discover this, Betway analyzed the growth in followers of every NFL team’s Instagram account over the past year and ranked them in order to reveal which fanbases are growing the fastest. 

The following table ranks every NFL team based on the yearly growth in followers (%): 

TeamUsernameYearly growth in followers (%)
Cincinnati Bengals@bengals94.68
LA Rams@rams51.80
Tampa Bay Buccaneers@buccaneers23.49
Buffalo Bills@buffalobills21.51
LA Chargers@chargers20.58
Tennessee Titans@titans19.23
Arizona Cardinals@azcardinals16.21
Washington Commanders@commanders14.82
Pittsburgh Steelers@steelers14.36
Dallas Cowboys@dallascowboys13.38
Las Vegas Raiders@raiders12.99
Jacksonville Jaguars@jaguars12.83
Indianapolis Colts@colts12.03
San Francisco 49ers@49ers11.63
NY Giants@nygiants11.61
Kansas City Chiefs@chiefs11.13
Detroit Lions@detroitlionsnfl11.02
Miami Dolphins@miamidolphins9.80
Green Bay Packers@packers9.43
Seattle Seahawks@seahawks8.88
NY Jets@nyjets8.18
Denver Broncos@broncos8.01
Baltimore Ravens@ravens7.76
New England Patriots@patriots7.66
Chicago Bears@chicagobears7.04
Minnesota Vikings@vikings6.93
New Orleans Saints@saints5.88
Atlanta Falcons@atlantafalcons5.40
Carolina Panthers@panthers5.11
Philadelphia Eagles@philadelphiaeagles3.88
Cleveland Browns@clevelandbrowns1.22
Houston Texans@houstontexans1.13

With the Bengals and the Rams at the top of the leaderboard, it’s hard to ignore the impact that their Super Bowl encounter has had on their follower counts. Even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t play in last year’s Super Bowl, they were the best performing team and have experienced a growth of 23.49% on Instagram.

At the very bottom of the leaderboard, the Texans and the Browns are lagging behind the rest of the league, with their follower counts growing by just 1.13 and 1.22 over the last 12 months. 

If you’d like to find out more about the research, please visit: https://us.betway.com/sports/

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