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How Packaging Is Important in Marketing Products

You’ve heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what customers do when shopping. Read on to learn the importance of packaging.

How Packaging Is Important in Marketing Products

Packaging is much more than the box your product comes in. It’s also your last chance to market your product before a customer needs to decide whether they want it or not. Many people believe packaging to be as critical as the product itself! Let’s learn how packaging is important in marketing products.

Attracts Buyers

You can run all the commercials you want. But if a customer doesn’t watch TV, their only opinion of your product will be the one they develop in three seconds at the store. When deciding on your product packaging, imagine you’re a customer that knows nothing about the product. What information would you want to know? What emotion would you want to feel?

Remember, you want to sell the product to the customer without them needing to take much time to analyze the item. The more text you add, the less likely they’ll be to bother learning about your item. Draw them in with visual appeal, then seal the deal with a clear and concise reason to buy.

Builds Brand Recognition

Do you think the iPhone would be as successful without the careful work that goes into marketing and branding Apple? A quality product is essential, but so is a quality experience. When someone buys an iPhone, they’re paying a premium price because Apple’s brand is trustworthy to them. After all, how could a package that looks so sleek not be worth the money?

Packaging is your opportunity to tell customers who you are; it allows you to cultivate their opinion of your company. Do you want it to seem like your product is the most luxurious thing on earth? Even if the product itself is, it won’t matter if you stick it in a cheap brown cardboard box.

Separates You From Competitors

When you walk down the aisle in a grocery store, think about all the products that look exactly the same, even though they come from different companies. At a glance, do you think you can differentiate wheat bread by brand? Packaging is your opportunity to stand out, so don’t squander it.

There are many different materials to choose from when you’re designing packaging, from papers to plastics to metals. Many people don’t know the wide range of common plastics available, each with its own unique properties and everyday uses. The same goes for other materials. Look into these options when designing your packaging—you’ll be surprised how many choices you have.

Now that you know how packaging is important in marketing products, you should invest some effort into your packaging and get ready for it to pay off!

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Last modified: May 13, 2022