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Outdoor Wedding Decorations You Can Make Using a Staple Gun

Explore easy and gorgeous decorations you can make to transform your outdoor wedding venue with the help of a staple gun and a few simple DIY tools.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations You Can Make Using a Staple Gun

Transforming an outdoor wedding space is a creative task where you integrate your personal style with the elements of nature. There’s a broad range of outdoor DIY décor to craft and wedding decorations to improve with a few selected tools and a spark of imagination. Keep reading to unveil all the creative possibilities for outdoor wedding decorations you can make using a staple gun to transform your venue with your desired wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Photo Board

A wedding photo board is an endearing way to showcase memories of the newlyweds, and it’s one of the simplest outdoor wedding decorations you can make using a staple gun. A wedding photo board is one of the most versatile DIY projects. Experiment with different fabric patterns and textures to design a backdrop to complement your photos and blend seamlessly into your outdoor wedding’s theme. Note that corkboard material is one of the easiest surfaces to use a staple gun on.

Rustic Table Skirtings

It’s popular to use a staple gun to design skirts for vanities and bedside tables, but why not apply this rustic flair to your wedding venue? Explore various colors and designs of fabric to determine a skirt style to staple around the perimeter of your dining tables, display carts, and seating. Customize the tables of your reception area with varying skirt styles for an eclectic appearance. Alternatively, you can repurpose fabric that fits the color scheme of your wedding attire.

Drapes on the Trees

Trees serve as a popular focal point for most outdoor weddings. Draping the trees inside the venue with fabric is a cost-effective alternative to having a traditional wedding arch. The installation process requires a fabric of your choosing, a ladder, and a staple gun for an elegant backdrop to frame the exchange of vows. Another way to incorporate fabric drapes is to use them as a framework for a photo booth location for guests and other designated stations.

You don’t have to downgrade the quality of your outdoor wedding venue because of a limiting budget or the dimensions of your backyard. Invest in the right handyman tools to personalize your own decorations, and see how the outdoor wedding of your dreams is just a few DIY steps away.

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Last modified: May 2, 2022