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What to Ask Before Selecting a Realtor

Are you a homeowner considering selling your property during this incredibly profitable real estate market? If there’s ever been a time to select your Realtor wisely, it’s now. In order to maximize your return on investment and minimize complications, pose these questions to any Realtor you are interviewing.

  1. Tell me about your real estate experience and credentials.
    Make sure your Realtor is licensed and aligned with a top-tier brokerage. The brokerage they are part of will likely give them access to a network of out-of-state clients and international prospects. Additionally, top brokerages tend to offer a plethora of services that can benefit you. Compass, for example, offers concierge services, which allows you to repair and prepare your home for sale with no out-of-pocket cost. You will pay for services at the time of closing.
  2. How many sales did you have in my neighborhood in the last 6 months?
    To gauge a Realtor’s track record, ask about their sales in the last 6 to 12 months, specifically in your neighborhood. Often it isn’t about quantity but about quality. How quickly did they sell their listing? Ask whether they represented the seller or buyers in these sales. Also ask to see their latest client testimonials so you can read about other people’s experience with them.
  3. How will you market my home?
    Even in today’s hot market, a Realtor should invest in marketing your home properly to yield the most amount of interest and high value offers. Have your Realtor commit to a multichannel marketing plan prior to going live.
  4. What is the recommended listing price?
    While this is everyone’s pressing question, remember the Realtor is determining your property’s value based on recent nearby sales, your property’s unique selling proposition and years of experience. Be wary of Realtors who price your home too high with no concrete data to support the cost. You don’t want your house to rack up days on market simply because its price point is an outlier.
  5. Will I be working with you directly?
    Many Realtors are part of a team. This is a bonus for the homeowner because it means there are more people to answer showing requests and questions, but make sure your Realtor will be the lead contact. Additionally, ask to meet any associates who will be assisting to ensure they are well versed on your property’s selling features.
  6. What house improvements do you recommend?
    Although inventory is painfully low and homes are selling fast, it does not mean you should not consider sprucing up your property before going on the market. That first impression is even more critical in this market. Ask your Realtor for their honest input regarding necessary improvements. Ask that they prioritize what will yield the biggest bang for your buck. Most of my listings undergo staging, decluttering and minor repairs. Collectively this effort garners a higher-priced offer, often from a multiple-bid scenario.

The rumor around town is that anything will sell in South Florida right now. I say proceed with caution. I urge you to align with the most prepared and experienced Realtor that you feel best gels with you and your goals. This will guarantee that your experience — and wallet — find the highest level of success.

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