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What Makes a Car a Luxury Car?

What Makes a Car a Luxury Car?

We all need a little luxury in our lives. Some of us seek it at a spa or in the clothing we wear. Food can also be a luxury when prepared right. For others, it’s all about getting there-and in a luxury car. But what makes a car a luxury car? We’ve got the answers to that. Let’s take a look at what defines luxury when it comes to what we drive.


Have you ever sat in a Rolls-Royce? If so, your jaw probably dropped as you experienced comfortable seating like no other. The Rolls-Royce is the ultimate in comfort, along with many other exquisite traits and unique stories to tell. The leather in a Rolls-Royce even smells better than other leathers. Now that’s luxury.

Still, plenty of other luxury cars are equal in comfort, such as the Mercedes Benz, which is also known for its superior seating. One thing’s for sure-you’ll know you’re seated in a luxury car when the seats wrap around you like a warm hug. The leather is high quality and soft with plenty of quilting for additional padding. When you consider that, you can see how luxury cars offer a comfortable experience that’s difficult to ever downgrade from.


To make the luxury car list, a vehicle has got to perform like no other-and considering the price tags that come with luxury cars, they perform incredibly well. Just ask a Porsche or Jaguar owner, or better yet take one for a spin yourself.

What’s performance look like? We’re glad you asked. There are sports luxury cars and luxury cars that aren’t considered sporty. In a sports luxury car, we expect the best engines that easily reach top speeds in a matter of seconds. In a luxury car that isn’t considered a sports car, performance is more about not feeling every bump in the road thanks to the top-of-the-line suspension. It’s taking curves that feel smooth as velvet as the wheels turn.

We expect our luxury cars to outperform everything else on the road, and they do.


A luxury car company implements the latest in technology and seeks to constantly improve. Infotainment screens, Bluetooth, cameras, and perfectly controlled climates in luxury cars are standard. Many luxury cars, such as the BMW and Lexus, now offer hybrid vehicles as more consumers of luxury seek better options.

Now that we’re clear on what makes a car a luxury car, all you have to do is choose which one is right for you. Excellence in comfort, performance, and innovation is well worth the search. Thinking of picking up a luxury car? It’s important to consider getting a quote before buying one – as the premiums can be sky high – often double, if not triple that of a “normal” vehicle.

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