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Cutler Bay’s New COVID Relief Program Aids Residents, Boosts Local Economy

The Town of Cutler Bay is launching its latest COVID-19 relief effort—the Cutler Bay Cash Program—designed to provide financial aid to its residents who’ve suffered a financial hardship due to COVID-19 and boost its local small businesses.

The program will distribute $500 electronic gift cards to approximately 300 qualifying Cutler Bay households who apply to the program—on a first come, first served basis. Households must be within Cutler Bay Town boundaries and are limited to receiving one eGift Card. The eGift Cards—run by Yiftee, a mobile marketing and promotions company—are redeemable only at participating and verified small businesses within the Town limits of Cutler Bay, who must also apply to the program.

Through the program, nearly $150,000 of CARES Act funding will be distributed to Cutler Bay residents who will then reinvest it into Cutler Bay small businesses. The Town deliberately designed the program this way to double the financial impacts of the funds, share the benefits with a greater amount of people in the community, and keep local dollars local.

“We’re very pleased to launch the Cutler Bay Cash program,” stated Cutler Bay’s Mayor, Tim Meerbott. “While the program has a very palpable and immediate positive effect—quickly introducing $150,000 into our local economy—there is a long-term effect that will continue boosting our local small businesses.

“This program encourages residents to explore and discover all that our small businesses have to offer. It enables them to try small businesses they might not have considered, otherwise, and many participating businesses will likely gain new customers through it. In the future, we may look to expand the program, as it provides a great marketing platform for our small business owners and strengthens our local economy.”

Small business owners in Cutler Bay are recommended to apply as a Cutler Bay Cash approved vendor to help boost their revenue and increase awareness of their business within the local community. There are no fees to participate in the program.

Since the program is designed to specifically help small businesses in Cutler Bay, eligible businesses:

  • Cannot have more than 20 full time employees;
  • Cannot be part of a large or national franchise;
  • Must be located within Cutler Bay Town boundaries;
  • Must be up to date on Town fees and have no outstanding violations.

There is no limit to the number of small businesses accepted as a Cutler Bay Cash vendor and there is no deadline for small businesses to apply. However, businesses are encouraged to apply early to reap the greatest benefits from the program.

Eligible Cutler Bay Residents have until noon on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, to apply. Residents accepted into the program will receive an eGift Card by September 30, 2021. Once they receive their card through email, recipients may choose to spend their gift card at one or multiple participating Cutler Bay Cash merchants but must use the gift card funds by December 30, 2021.

Businesses and residents may learn more and apply to the Cutler Bay Cash program at www.cutlerbay-fl.gov/cbcash.

This is the third COVID-19 relief program developed by the Town with funding from the Federal CARES Act of 2020, allocated to the Town by Miami-Dade County.

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