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Leading by Example: Solar Power

As residents of the Sunshine State, we have the benefit of many sunny days throughout the year, so why not use that to our advantage? In fact, the sun can power our lifestyle with customized solar energy solutions.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions opened in 2013 with a group of three people. Now, this family-owned business with two generations and 65 team members is moving to a 100% renewable energy powered 3,600 sq. ft. office space and an adjoining 13,000 sq. ft. warehouse space. The Cutler Bay Solar Hub Building, boasts a new solar energy showroom that will help community members experience technological advancements in solar power, the most abundant renewable energy source.

Denise & Raul Vergara, founders of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions

Community Focused

Although they considered several options for the location of the new showroom and warehouse space, Raul and Denise Vergara, founders of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, felt strongly about staying within their local community. The central location is ideal for servicing clients throughout the tri-county area. Plus, the company is committed to helping local organizations and supporting schools and other pillars of the community.

Making It Easier to Transition to Solar Power

The transition from the traditional power grid to renewable sources of energy is critical to modern society. As nations worldwide try to curb greenhouse emissions and decrease citizens’ reliance on fossil fuels, interest in solar panels and solar batteries will continue to increase. And there’s no better place than Florida — where we have an average of 237 days of sunshine per year — to utilize this renewable and natural form of energy.

It seems like people across the country are catching on, too. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar industry revenue should reach $22.9 billion in 2025, which would be tremendous growth from the $10 billion in revenue reported in 2019. There are many reasons why more people are embracing solar energy. For example, with the proper solar power setup, you can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and power your home with clean, renewable energy, thus contributing to a healthier environment. And since solar panels and batteries can last for a long time — with panels producing electricity for 25 years or more — homebuyers will pay a premium for your solar-equipped electricity setup.

Battery Storage is the hottest thing in solar energy right now, especially in South Florida where we have an active hurricane season. The company offers Enphase Battery Storage, which is a battery back-up system for your entire home. When the power goes out, your electricity remains on, uninterrupted. Also, all their solar installs meet the Miami-Dade county wind code of 175 mph.

New 1OO% Renewable Energy Powered Showroom

Originally purchased in February 2020, the building has been completely remodeled and transformed. One of the most important considerations while renovating the space was the desire to power the building only from renewable energy. As expected, you’re sure to find solar panels that generate electricity for the new warehouse and workspaces. Additionally, they’ve outfitted the building with a reclaimed water system and other energy-efficient features.

“I am very proud to be able to fill a void in the solar industry for a one-stop shopping experience for our customers,” says Raul Vergara. “With the opening of our showroom and office space, we are able to service our customers in a professional and value-oriented manner … We have spent many hours planning and executing these plans to ensure we can better service our customers and community.”

During your visit, you’ll also notice how convenient it is to socially distance from others. Since the renovation took place during the coronavirus pandemic, designing a space with safety measures in place was incredibly vital. Visitors, as well as employees, are asked to wear masks, while team members receive a daily temperature check. Daily sanitation measures have also been implemented to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.

The sales team is ready to introduce you to the latest solar products and help you build the perfect renewable energy solution. “While we will always continue to go to our customers’ homes, we also have the ability to hold a consultation on our premises, allowing the customer to tour our facility and see the products as well as physically experience running on sunshine power,” says Kara Amador, director of marketing.

What began with one rooftop and the core belief that big changes start small has turned into a long-term goal of creating a cleaner, greener future for generations to come by harnessing the power of the sun.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions is located at 10482 SW 186 Terrace. Call 305.280.0638 or visit cbsolar.miami for more information.

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