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Supplies Necessary for Shipping Temperature-Controlled Goods

Supplies Necessary for Shipping Temperature-Controlled Goods

One of the most significant advances in human society is our ability to quickly transport temperature-sensitive items anywhere on Earth. But this logistical marvel requires extra attention to ensure the safe packaging and transportation of the items. There are many different methods shippers use to protect products against the threat of losing temperature control. Here is a closer look at some of the supplies necessary for shipping temperature-controlled goods.


Many packing products are available for the moving of temperature-sensitive products. Here are some of the ways to package products to ensure safe delivery.

Insulating Materials

Many common insulating materials can keep products in their safe temperature range. One of these materials is corrugated boxes, commonly used for many shipping products. Thermal bubble wrap and polystyrene foam also work to help prevent unwanted temperature fluctuations.

Phase Change Materials

Many phase change materials work well for controlling the temperature of many items. These materials include ice melting into water and dry ice reverting to its gaseous carbon dioxide form. Even reusable gel packs are useful tools for transporting certain products.


Many insulated coolers exist for moving temperature-sensitive items. Some of these coolers are inexpensive and disposable, while repeatedly reusing others is common.


Consider placing stickers on all packages requiring strict temperature control during transportation. These stickers alert the crews handling the products of the requirements for the cargo while simultaneously letting them know they need to take safety precautions to avoid possible injury to themselves or damage to the product.

Transport Vehicle

There are many different ways for the vehicle to impact the supplies necessary for shipping temperature-controlled goods. Many vital industries, including the meat, dairy, produce, and pharmaceutical sectors, rely on cold chain logistics to get their products delivered around the globe. Here is a closer look at the role of the vehicle in temperature regulation.

Transportation Method

How the products are shipped significantly impacts what materials are necessary. For example, the packing materials required for a cargo container bound for sea and a reefer truck with an attached cooling unit vary greatly.

Temperature Monitoring System

Any vehicle used to transport temperature-sensitive goods must come equipped with a system for monitoring the cargo’s temperature. Some of these temperature monitoring methods even include GPS tracking to report temperatures to the shipper and receiver.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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